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So proud of myself

Posted By: §intå×

So proud of myself - 02/28/04 06:32 PM

3 years ago I cam on this board wonder how to make web pages and what the hell this Linux thing is people talk about. Hell I got here because I wanted to burn an MP3 onto a CD but did not know how.

I just install the driver for my new nVIDIAFX 5200 Ultra AGP card with 128 MB DDR Ram with a 650MHz (memory Data Rate). This is not the hardest task I have done mind you. But it got me thinking. I learned more in this board than anywhere else on the net. Webmonkey runs a close 2nd.

This Linux forum saved my hard drive on more than one occasion. I just wanted to say Thankyou UGN for everything. You guys showed a brother love. Gizmo, you rock for keeping this place alive.
Posted By: Ice

Re: So proud of myself - 02/29/04 04:06 AM

::tear in eye::

That was a very nice speach = )

I know what you mean, i came here knowing nothing about network security and know i know pretty much more then basics for SNMP, RIP, TCP/IP and many more. I know about fibre obtics, UTP, STP cables, different types of topologies.

I would also like to thank Gizmo for keeping this site opened.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: So proud of myself - 02/29/04 06:51 AM

awwe, i feel special... now work on my php code! lol...

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know [censored] about MySQL, but hey I'm trying smirk...
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