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Posted By: Infinite

Linux+ - 03/17/03 03:18 AM

Has anyone taken this cert? Or rather, does anyone know a thing about this cert? ie. how worthwhile it would be to get it, key areas on the test, words of advice, whatever. I'm thinking that this is the next cert I wanna get so I can say "Hey, I know more than just windows over here!".

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Linux+ - 03/17/03 03:22 AM

I myself would get it if I had the funds, it couldn't hurt and would be some shure fire proof tha you know Linux.
Posted By: Skull

Re: Linux+ - 03/17/03 05:17 AM

The more people that are willing to say that you know your stuff the better off you will be when you go to find a job, its like having a bunch of friends vouching for your that your a good guy. the More postivie input, the more likely that their going to think your a good guy


Posted By: Rapture

Re: Linux+ - 03/17/03 05:23 AM

what sorta test is it? I don't know nearly enough about linux but it's something I'de be interested in looking into after a couple more months of playing around with my linux box.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Linux+ - 03/17/03 05:32 PM

Well here's the low down Rapture:

The exam tests seven domain areas:

Planning and Implementation (4%)
Installation (12%)
Configuration (15%)
Administration (18%)
System Maintenance (14%)
Troubleshooting (18%)
Identify, Install and Maintain System Hardware (19%)
See the Linux+ exam objectives for more specific information about the CompTIA Linux+ exam content.

Taking the Exam
The CompTIA Linux+ exam consists of 94 questions and is scored on a scale of 100 - 900. The minimum passing score is 655. Ninety minutes are allowed to complete the exam.

Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Linux+ - 03/17/03 11:30 PM

There is from Coriolis the Exam Cram series for Linux+
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Linux+ - 03/18/03 12:18 AM

I already got the Sybex Linux+ study guide, and the linux+ Certification Bible off of edonkey the other day. The latter had a practice test that I scored 85% on with out reviewing [censored]. I was weak with the lp commands, and that's about it. If that is really an indication of what the linux+ is gonna be like than it's as much of a joke as A+ is (Don't bother arguing here, yes A+ is important, but I still think it's junk).

But either way, I think I made up my mind. I want this cert by the end of the month. Let's see if I can back my mouth up now.

Posted By: Asteos

Re: Linux+ - 03/21/03 04:05 AM

Good luck to ya
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Linux+ - 03/21/03 04:42 AM

Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Linux+ - 03/23/03 11:10 AM

i wish i had that kinda cert possibility in my country...
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