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Posted By: Gollum

automation - 09/26/03 09:30 AM

hey, while working with linux, i tend to come across many tasks which after a while, become very repetitive. now most of this can be easily done using scripts, however, my biggest problem is just dealing with all the dependant files. libnet, libpcap, etc...all those lib* files are a pain in the [censored]. is there anything out there which automates this to make it easier, i'm running slack9. btw, has anyone else had a problem of using and having it freeze upon reboot? anyway, just a few questions.//
Posted By: sinetific

Re: automation - 09/27/03 10:40 PM

Umm... Yes updating system dependencies is a real pain in the [censored], slackupdate should do it for you though. I've had problems with the beta version of slackupdate. Like I said in my initial post about slackupdate, it updates things dealing with the kernel which could cause sever problems on your system like it 'freezing'. I recommend only using run level 1 (2 is default. Check, Download, and Install) which only checks and downloads. Then go into the directory, remnove all kernel updates, and use installpkg * . I really hope this might answer your questions.
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