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Mandrake and apache

Posted by: Le4rner

Mandrake and apache - 10/18/02 11:55 PM

Alrighty, time for me to show my dumb ass again.

I have a question. When I install Mandrake 9.0 or even 8.0 as a server it sets the /var/httpd and /var/www folder in the /var directory. Now I heard this can cause your server to run a bit faster, and is probably why they do it. However I also heard this can cause a big weakness for the kernel.

Now please take it easy on me, when it come to *nix, I'm like the kid in school you fed paste to. STUPID But I am determind to learn this shit and host Promod my damed self.

I allways thought all the apache files should go in /usr directory. Thoughts, help, advise....
Posted by: ReverendNinjaSox

Re: Mandrake and apache - 10/19/02 03:02 AM

Put them wherever you want them.
I'm not sure what you are thinking in that having them all in /var will make them run faster.
The only way it could make it run faster is if /var was it's own partition and you felt like speeding up your logging or some shit like that. Also, which files are you talking about? The HTML files? The binaries that run Apache? The log files? The configuration files?
I store my conf files in /etc/httpd/conf. My log files are in the RedHat default of /var/log/http/. My binaries are somewhere in some *bin directory. You'll need to be more explicit with what the hell you are talking about though.
Posted by: hKzKnight

Re: Mandrake and apache - 10/19/02 03:52 AM

It's k le4rner, we always love ya... Let us know if that works for ya.
Posted by: sinetific

Re: Mandrake and apache - 10/19/02 01:00 PM

Having it in the /var directory on its own partition would cause it to be susceptible to DoS attacks by filling your logs so there would be no room left on the disk.
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