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My modem and linux

Posted By: Moffesto

My modem and linux - 06/16/02 05:37 AM

I have a hard drive selector on my pc currently and a slot open so id thought id try linux. I was was thinking of which version .... im basing that on preveuse post but i was wondering if any one out there had the same modem as me and has had conflicts with linux. I have a "US Robotics 56k fax win int" modem (thats what it says in my device manager. If anyone could leave feedback of any know problems with that modem and what version of linux i should use. Thanks alot.
Posted By: Cyrez

Re: My modem and linux - 06/16/02 04:00 PM

if its a winmodem it wont work w/ any distro of linux..
Posted By: Soap

Re: My modem and linux - 06/16/02 04:39 PM

well basically, as cyrez said, yeah it's down to that (having a winmodem or not).

Generally if it's external (uses serial) it shouldn't be a problem. I don't recomment USB modems though.
Same as Cards...Anything on a laptop, using PCI or ISA hat a big chance of being a winmodem.

I have an external 56k USR that works a treat laugh
MY original modem was internal PCI... => wuz a winmodem.

As a last resort (before trial 'n error ) try looking for supports on various linux sites...see If any support your modem.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: My modem and linux - 06/16/02 09:18 PM

Originally posted by Cyrez:
if its a winmodem it wont work w/ any distro of linux..
Wrong, some winmodems have drivers for linux. Their a [censored] to program but some hardcore people who are broke want to make their [censored] work on any platform. Also some creators also make drivers for linux for their winmodems after a while.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: My modem and linux - 06/16/02 11:17 PM

Damn you people, there is a *nix forum. Post in there, gizmo, move this for me. Well you see that is a winmode, and US Robotics is one of the mega bitches. There are linux websites with drivers for them, YET... No garuntee. I don't remember the website... or something like that. Search it up, winmodem drivers for linux etc. I feel your pain bro...
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: My modem and linux - 06/16/02 11:44 PM

thanks, heh, i knew there was ways for winmodems to work in linux but I didnt know if mine was one that would work or not.
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