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New Guy

Posted By: hKzKnight

New Guy - 03/28/02 11:51 PM

Well everyone hello! I am hKzKnight and I am here for you. Anything you want to say, ask, eat about Linux... Be my guest. Are you addicted to linux? Well I am and it's A ok! Forget those AA meetings, never helped me. cool so feel free to post. I am around. Also PS2 w/ Linux, I give it a hellz yes. I love the idea, however only 30% of PS2 owners will have a clue of how to or what is Linux. That is the only issue. PS2 is besically becoming a PC, yet there are still going to be challanges with PS2 and linux. I am very much so anxious to see the final outcome. I don't own a console however, I play a lot at friend's houses. Yet if Linux is amazing on PS2, I will just get PS2 because of that. I know it's sick, you should see my basement... May the Penguin be with thy.
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: New Guy - 03/29/02 08:49 AM

I hear ya, ok ill be straight honest, i dont know **** about linux, but i really want to get it to figure it out, im thinking about mandrake since thats the book im kinda reading on to learn a bit about it, so any good sites on how to use linux or any thing u may have?
Posted By: PolPot

Re: New Guy - 03/29/02 01:05 PM

Go here:




and here:


that should supply you with more than enough to read for now. And if you need anything else, live next door to me, so yeah.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: New Guy - 03/29/02 02:30 PM

all you trust me, that kid is ****in looney, keeps talkin about his pet penguin and like feedin it frozen lollypops and ice cubes to keep it cool lol..
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: New Guy - 03/29/02 06:11 PM

Oh ya, a huh. I see how it is. Thanx Gizmo... :p. Mandrake is a great Distro to start with. It is easy and has great technical support. I have 2 favorite distros, Red Hat and Mandrake. What did I start with? I got me Red Hat for dummies a few years back. It's not that easy to tell ya the truth, after you learn from mistakes etc... It comes easy. Polpot has some great websites, LinuxNewbie is very good. I would use that rescource and get Mandrake 8.2, buy it at a store. You can d/l it, it's free etc. However buy it!

Why do you pay for open scource?

Well you aren't paying for Mandrake, it's the CD, box, 100-1,000 packages on the CD (if you don't buy it you have to d/l all those packages) and a book. YUP A BOOK! Most of them have a nice book to teach ya. So go for it!

Any other questions, comments, death threats. Please see me... YES AND THE PENGUIN!
Posted By: psychogen

Re: New Guy - 03/30/02 12:49 AM

i want a pet pengiun too...

even if it means for me to be called a "QUEER" ****in loony!

pengiun here i come!
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: New Guy - 03/30/02 04:45 AM

HELL YES! psychogen, you and I should adopt one... LOL, brand it with a UGN logo.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: New Guy - 03/30/02 05:31 AM

rofl... i have a penguin fettish, mines named woddles, i got him from my ex heh..
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