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kernel compilation

Posted By: sinetific

kernel compilation - 12/05/02 01:58 AM

Does anyone have any idea what the 8390.o module is called, or where to find it in menuconfig when your recompiling the kernel? or will it automatically select the dependencies when I select the dependant module?
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: kernel compilation - 12/09/02 03:44 AM

Arg sorry my connection been all screwy (damn snow). I wouldn't know what the name would be under the menuconfig... I don't mess much with the kernel either. Hmm check out a how-to for such at any really good linux site or online. Best is if you contact the distro tech support or look in FAQs, if I can find it in one of my books I'll let you know. Sorry that not much of a help at this point :..+(
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