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need modem

Posted By: Deviation187

need modem - 07/28/02 10:50 AM

Ok well I have linux yet I cant get online with it because my modem does not work on it, its a cheap winmodem :-x wel what i need to know is of some good recommended modems that arent too expensive, thanx.
Posted By: xero

Re: need modem - 07/28/02 11:55 AM
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: need modem - 07/28/02 09:40 PM

I gave you a few site online, so ya, check em out man.
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: need modem - 07/28/02 11:13 PM

get the new us robotics 56k v92.... its not a winmodem but its rather expensive. I can sell ya my 14.4 modem for 4$ wink .
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