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IBM linux commercials

Posted By: §intå×

IBM linux commercials - 02/22/04 10:16 AM

Wow, Linux is growing hu? Superbowl air time. IBM.

I think the commercials were perfect. A little boy(young, inocent, youth and the whole potential thing). So Linux has a good marketing engine behind it now. Over the last 2 years I have started to see a few stry from Linux as it grows popular. What are your thoughts on a main stream Linux and why some techies are leaving? Oh and your opinion on HURD?
Posted By: Gollum

Re: IBM linux commercials - 02/23/04 05:10 AM

ah, i love those linux commercials. everytime i'm over a friends house, i make everyone stop talking so i can watch the commercials if one comes on. lol. as for HURD, i'm extremely interested in what it's capable of doing and would like to see what happens. i do believe though, that it could be a problem for linux. if it catches on, and GNU makes their own OS....i dunno, i guess we'll see. at least those GNU fellas will officially get their name on an OS release, lol. i feel bad that a lot of people don't even recognize GNU as a part of linux. oh well, i guess we'll see. but that's the great thing about open source and free software. the best will always come out on top.//
Posted By: weeve

Re: IBM linux commercials - 02/23/04 09:11 PM

Heh IBM has been airing those for months:D But liek yea linux has been growing since the 90's um about 5 years ago big business started supporting it, I think about 3-6 ago they started installing/using linux variants, and unices in a major amount that just escalated. Yep the commercials are pimp. But if you watched a bill marr right after that, he talked about the IBM open source ad from the super bowl, and I won't go on, because it angers me. But I did post on it if someone wants to look. Lets just say he gave the linux community a big [censored] you.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: IBM linux commercials - 02/24/04 04:27 AM

I use their commercials in explaining things so often. People are always like "what's linux?" and ill say "you've seen those IBM commercials right?....." and I continue to explain form there. I think the commercails are a pivitol tool to bring linux into mainstream america.

I don't think HURD has the development into it yet to really be taken seriously. Just from what i've seen it still seems to be in it's infancy compared to the linux kernel and that makes the two hard to compare. I'm happy with the linux kernel I have no reason to change but if something bad happens because of SCO it's always nice to know there are alternatives.
Posted By: Rapture

Re: IBM linux commercials - 02/29/04 09:59 AM

IBM is trying to completely avoid microsoft in every way.

IBM and AMD are working closely right now to convert EVERY (yes every) employee's computer to some form of *nix. It's crazy to think about that happening and the impact it could have on the open source industry.

I can't wait smile
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: IBM linux commercials - 02/29/04 12:46 PM

Nor can I; I hope other industry sectors begin this boycott as well... I can't wait to see Gimp and Adobe Photoshop battles :x...
Posted By: Ice

Re: IBM linux commercials - 03/01/04 02:36 AM

hahaha = )
I am going with gimp on that one, why pay $1000 for photoship 7 ??? Or go with gimp...

I got rid of Windows on the 533Mhz Machine and all i use know is Slackware = ) The only machine that has Windows XP is the Family new computer.

Linux is so much better = )
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