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Gotta Get a Distro!

Posted By: Defcon

Gotta Get a Distro! - 04/23/02 02:50 AM

I need help finding a Linux Distrobution for my Laptop... I'm new to Linux so it needs to be easy to install and easy to learn. I've had alot of trouble finding a Distrobution for my Laptop dude to its age... Here are its stats:

Processor: 80386SX
Math Coprocressor: None
Bios Version: Phoenix Setup Utility (Version 1.00) 02 A386 Version 1.01
Memory: 640KB of Ram
Video: Monocrome LCD
Disk Drives: A: Floppy
C: 40mb HD
Com Ports: 1
Lpt Ports: 1

What do you guys got?
Posted By: AK

Re: Gotta Get a Distro! - 04/23/02 04:45 AM

wow Defcon, did the "Computer Antiques" store have a sale or something? hehe. with that kinda of "Storage Capacity" you won't be able to install a full Linux distro. You might have to get one of those mini distros that you can install from a floppy.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Gotta Get a Distro! - 04/23/02 06:41 AM

get LOAF (Linux on a Floppy) or something heh, or like a hella old slack version heh...
Posted By: Defcon

Re: Gotta Get a Distro! - 04/23/02 12:32 PM

LOAF or most of the other Distros won't run because they require 8MB of RAM + so when they complie Minux, Picobsd, and LOAF all give up.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Gotta Get a Distro! - 04/23/02 06:56 PM

**** man, even my 286 had 16 meg of ram, i fealt like god...
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Gotta Get a Distro! - 04/24/02 02:27 AM

Well you came to the right place. Do you want to have a graphical enviroment (xwindows)? If so try Red hat 4/5 Mandrake 4/5. Also you can download (forgot the website, just search it) a nice small Linux called Dragon Linux. I would go with Dragon Linux. If not, you want a floopy Linux kind of thing. I know many. YOu got Floppy linux, monkey linux, flinux, etc etc... Just search it. Just you really need ram LOL. I'll sell u a gateway color book, 80486DX 75mhz, 8mb ram, 400 mb hd... floppy... has win 95 on it already... SOme erros but go ahead **** around with it LOL. slightly cracked but still awesome.
Posted By: Predator

Re: Gotta Get a Distro! - 04/24/02 07:25 AM

I definaltly won't install a graphical envirement at all, just command line, and that's the best way to learn it smile
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Gotta Get a Distro! - 04/24/02 07:39 PM

True. Also if help is needed, anyone can feel free to email me or IM me (if online). I started with Unix then to a floppy linux (non graphical) then to Red Hat... Good way to build up.
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