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#linux site!

Posted By: psychogen

#linux site! - 03/03/02 09:04 PM

Sup folks!

I was not exactely sure where to stick it so I stuck it in Linux/Unix cause it fits the name more than the topic!

Anyway, I am wondering when does the #linux team want to see a prototype of the site I have more or less in development?

Plus what are your expectations!
Would be nice to know those things!

I allready know one thing and that is that we wont use black cause black is just becoming stupidly the color of the underground and diversifying is always a happy thought!

But what would like to see?

Tell me for I am waiting patiantly!

Posted By: IceDog

Re: #linux site! - 03/06/02 09:41 PM

dont worry psychogen, no one reads this message, im sure this forum wont be used much at all. things like *ix are way above "our" head. although i really think the flame forum will be a huge success.
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: #linux site! - 03/07/02 03:14 AM

Hmmmmm, That seems like a rude coment.
Posted By: psychogen

Re: #linux site! - 03/30/02 06:43 PM

it is...heh
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