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Installin Linux/Unix onmy Comp

Posted By: PuffballsRevenge

Installin Linux/Unix onmy Comp - 07/18/03 11:01 PM

I am installing Linux and Unix on my comp, right now I have red hat, but is there a better version out there for someone getting into hacking. Should I go with strict Unix CLI or what do you guys think is best for hacking. I am not just talking about exploiting/hacking, I am also talking about programming/hacking.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Installin Linux/Unix onmy Comp - 07/18/03 11:25 PM

I think for starting out RedHat is as good as any other distro, and in fact I am somewhat partial to RedHat.

But you have the right idea with the CLI. Learn as much as you can on the commandline, and stay away from the GUI tools if at all possible. I'm not saying don't install the GUI, you can do that and not hinder yourself, just use terminal windows and stick to that.

Once you have gotten the basics of *nix down then start trying every distro out there. That way you can get a general idea of how they all differ and you can pick the one that you feel suits your style the best. Myself, I use Gentoo Linux and Open BSD here at home. Out of all the *nix's I have tried (quite a few) those are my personal favs.

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Posted By: Rapture

Re: Installin Linux/Unix onmy Comp - 07/18/03 11:44 PM

I'm also partial to redhat, especially if you are somewhat new to *nix. It's the easyest to use by far.

Like Intinite said, once you get used to all the commands and so forth I'de suggest exploring BSD, freeBSD, openBSD, play around with them and see which one you like. I use FreeBSD 4.5 99% of the time if I can (for daily use, not hacking).
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Installin Linux/Unix onmy Comp - 07/19/03 12:59 AM

I like SuSE for a begginer distro, I think its just as good as redhat although not as popular. It has great sysadmin GUI tools and the install is just as easy. But dont rely on GUI tools for you to learn *nix it's all about the command line.

Take this tutorial here:;f=9;t=000024

It will teach you some command line basics and will really give you an edge for starting.

after playing with redhat for awhile try slackware then maybe one of the BSD's.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Installin Linux/Unix onmy Comp - 07/19/03 01:51 AM

Also, job market-wise, they are looking for linux gurus with ALOT of experience to do the server migration or setup network infrastructure with a linux server.

However, if you do happen to play around with RH or SuSE, there is a big market now for atleast contract work for migration from windows desktop to linux desktop, with those 2 distros leading the way. This can result in permanent hiring on as tech support for the new OS also.

I would simply suggest RedHat over SuSE simply because it can lead to an accreditation that will have a lot of weight to throw around when Linux fever starts to pick up even more.

I apologize, I just try to look for the job marketability in most of the things I do now. Hopefully on the board can find something they like to learn and do, and come out of it sitting pretty comfortable career-wise.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Installin Linux/Unix onmy Comp - 07/19/03 01:59 AM

Mandrake is a good newb distro :x... I myself prefer:

Posted By: sinetific

Re: Installin Linux/Unix onmy Comp - 07/19/03 02:48 AM

yeah true jon, if you looking for certification for the future for possibly a career go for redhat. It is really easy to get a redhat certification now and it's a pretty high paying one. As for SuSE its one of the leaders of the united linux front I think it has a big future infront of it but it's not there yet.
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