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your *nix box

Posted By: hKzKnight

your *nix box - 09/08/02 04:39 PM

So what makes up your *nix box? I got a few...

Got one that is a unix 386 slave lol

p3 1.13 ghz, 512mb, running mandrake 8.0 as of now(I change it often)

p3 600mhz 256 mb ram running debain.
Posted By: Predator

Re: your *nix box - 09/08/02 09:35 PM

k6 2 350 256 mb ram: redhat 7 / fbsd 4.5

k6 2 450 256 mb ram: slackware 8.1

oh btw, what i'm wondering for a long time:


"UGN lnuX0r d00d"
wtf does that mean?
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: your *nix box - 09/08/02 11:56 PM

It's a fun way of saying UGN Linux dude
Posted By: mtlhd

Re: your *nix box - 09/10/02 02:57 AM

One box only frown

P3 858mhz

128 mb ram

nvidia geforce2mx200! ;D

Mandrake 8.0/ FreeBSD 4.6/ Slackware 7.1/ Win2k =\

"lnuX0r d00d"??? lol...I think that's mispelled wink
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: your *nix box - 09/11/02 02:09 AM

Not a bad machine... LOL there are like 5 l337 ways to say linux.... COuld have been *nix d00d, lnux0rz... l1nuX0r... yada.. So i chose that... Anyone else want a shot lol.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: your *nix box - 09/11/02 02:37 AM

/me starts to say something.......

naw. =

Posted By: Asteos

Re: your *nix box - 09/12/02 02:12 PM

Aopen Custom PC
i686 (600mhz)
AWE64 video card
Toshiba CDROM
10gig hard drive
Running Debian 2.2
10/100mbps cable connection.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: your *nix box - 09/12/02 06:49 PM

Debian 2.2, how do you like that?
Posted By: Asteos

Re: your *nix box - 09/12/02 09:56 PM

Not too shaby.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: your *nix box - 10/27/02 10:49 PM

Athlon XP 2200+
512 megs PC2700 DDR
GeForce 4 Ti4600
Audigy Gamer
RH 8.0
Posted By: tek

Re: your *nix box - 11/01/02 10:28 AM

Abit KX7-333
[email protected]
Crucial 256mb pc2100
MSI Geforce3 Ti200
SB live 5.1
Posted By: SephiroX

Re: your *nix box - 11/02/02 04:36 AM

Mobo: Who knows
Pent Slot 400mhz
128mb ram pcwhoknows
some pci vid card
10gig hd
built in crap sound

beat that honkey
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