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linux commands

Posted By: girlygirl

linux commands - 06/17/02 04:18 AM

I was wondering if anyone knows a site(s) where I can get a list of linux commands and what the linux commands do specificly
Posted By: Influx

Re: linux commands - 06/17/02 11:13 AM

I'd suggest buying o'really 's book "Linux in a nutshell", or looking online for some manuals, look at linuxnewbie
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: linux commands - 06/17/02 07:01 PM

I dont want to promote warez but get on kazaa and search for linux documents, i have found every tutorial on kazaa that i have ever needed, they can get rather big but if u have a good connection they arent nothing to worry about and it beats browsing the web up and down and buy stuff, heh.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: linux commands - 06/18/02 12:25 AM

A real easy starter would be Linux for dummies, it even has a cheat sheet with a bunch of the commands. Also try these sites

any other questions, please feel free to visit me all alone here... <img border="0" alt="[Sheep]" title="" src="graemlins/sheep.gif" />
Posted By: girlygirl

Re: linux commands - 06/18/02 03:09 AM

Thanks everyone! I will try all of those sites and look at the books too. And, I am sure that I will have plenty of questions after I do!
Posted By: sinetific

Re: linux commands - 06/18/02 04:44 AM

You should read post that are already here. I posted a nice tutorial from IBM you can sign up for, check it out its pretty damn good if you have a shell to work with.,t=gr
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: linux commands - 06/18/02 04:47 AM

just like hkzknight said...linux for dummies is a good book. it also comes with get it from the library.
Posted By: girlygirl

Re: linux commands - 06/19/02 02:49 AM

Okay, my first question. smile I am doing the tutorial that sinetific gave the link for and it is talking about shells. I don't have linux on my computer, but if I use my Microsoft telnet, can I still do it? Would that be a shell? And if it is, then does anybody know if it is a bash? This is probably a stupid question, but I really don't know anything about any of this yet.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: linux commands - 06/19/02 06:07 AM

telnet is just like a portal to a shell on a computer. You can telnet to DOS shells and to other services computers run. But telnet by itself wont do anything. You can do a search for places that offer free shells and that will give you a little bit of insight into a *nix machine. Most of these are bash shells unless you specify otherwise. Bash shell is default on most *nix machines. and telnet by itself is definately not a bash shell.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: linux commands - 06/20/02 03:05 AM

It depends what you want to do... Reasons and what shell do you need, or do you want many shells.
Posted By: girlygirl

Re: linux commands - 06/20/02 03:42 AM

The only reason I want a shell right now is to do that tutorial. I don't think I would need more than one shell, but I could be wrong.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: linux commands - 06/20/02 04:37 AM

you only need one. Do a search for free shells on google. I'd give you an account on my box but i dont really know you.
Posted By: girlygirl

Re: linux commands - 06/20/02 04:52 AM

I am going to do the search. And, I don't expect you to do that for me, but I appreciate the thought! I would probably mess something up anyway!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: linux commands - 06/20/02 05:06 AM

girlygirl, i admire the fact that you'd like to learn more about nix, therefore my resources are at your disposal, if you need anything feel free to contact me via AIM or Email.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: linux commands - 06/20/02 01:39 PM

Gizmo's "admires" any *nix chick. He keeps hoping to find a hacker chick as good looking as the one in the movie "Hackers".

/me whistles and walks away
Posted By: bor

Re: linux commands - 06/20/02 02:28 PM

Man, and I was thinking about giving her an account on my box...Seems that his nix chick affliction is worse than my nix chick affliction.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: linux commands - 06/20/02 10:19 PM

It's gizmo, bah forget him. You got *nix questions come to me first, then if anything else come to gizmo... LOL... down gizmo down! [censored] a shell if you want to learn about linux. Download a bunch of minilinux or as called floppy linux. Get em on a disk, boot em and play with em. Good starting tool... Then I say step it up, lean the Xwindows GUI (free86). It's fun, have no fear for I is here (movie hackers, yes I Know like every line from it, lol. Also the hacker chick is Angelina Jolie,she looks so bad in that. Looks good in tomb raider).

-Your raving, rammble blah blah, UGN linux techie
Posted By: bor

Re: linux commands - 06/21/02 04:37 AM

[Linked Image]

It's all about the loaf
Posted By: girlygirl

Re: linux commands - 06/21/02 04:38 AM

I am going to still try to figure out this shell thing, but I figured I could try the minilinux too. I did a search on it and came up with all kinds of stuff. Which type do you recommend for me to start with? I am kind of lost because the site has a list from rescue to firewalls/routers to "taking over that machine" distributions. Do I just pick one to try?
Posted By: girlygirl

Re: linux commands - 06/21/02 04:41 AM

Bor, I just saw your post. I will try the Loaf. Thanks!
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: linux commands - 06/21/02 02:56 PM

Don't worry, tiz easy. I started with minilinux when I was 11, then I grew into the real deal when I met my mentor. Go to the website, like monkeylinux a known mini distro, flopix etc. Damn I use to know a minlinux distro website with a list of all of them. Yet I know searching on, their engine... You can find a bunch. So once you find what you want, download the needed files. Then read on the readme or should be on the website for most of them, how to install (like how to put on the disk), then how to boot it up etc. As for typing commands, it's no different from unix/linux... So go search up about the commands. You should do well, especially if you already got the DOS commands all in your head, it's just learning a few more, even some modifies (some is sim to dos).
Posted By: biotachyonic

Re: linux commands - 06/25/02 08:33 AM

Uh. I dont know if this has been said because I was too lazy to read but I want to help someone so I will say it anyways.

You should be familiar with all of your bin utilities, which are all in like /usr/bin /bin /usr/sbin /sbin - anything with a bin. do an ls of those, then do a man 'name of program';
It wont always help you and some man pages are pretty hard to read. But thats what I said.
um, man2html is pretty neat.
you can: cat manpage.bz2| bz2 -d | man2html >>manpage.html - if you dont like to read from your terminal.
or you can write a neato perl script that will automate this for you.
I would write one and post it, if someone wants me too. But I fear most people reading this will see no use in it.

uh, bye.
Posted By: biotachyonic

Re: linux commands - 06/25/02 08:50 AM

Hey, im bored so what the hell.
I dont have a linux machine to test this on, but I think it might work.

You will need to copy all of your man pages into a single directory, cp them, not mv.

then write this script and run it.

#cut here or near

@blah = readdir(DIR); closedir(DIR);
shift @blah; shift @blah;
foreach my $bla(@blah) {
if ($bla =~ /\.bz2/) {
system("bzip2 -d $bla);
@hi = split(/\.bz2//,$bla);
system("cat $bla | man2html >> $bla.html;");
print INDEX ("<a href=\"$bla.html\">$bla</a>\n");

### cut here or near

I hope thats not too gay. I dont know if it work, i would reread it but im too lazy and i think if i find a mistake i might want to fix it but im to lazy to fix it because im lazy.
I realy hope that works..
dont forget that thats on the subject of reading man pages -> almost on the subject of a linux howto.

I hope this allows my newlines.
mabye I should have used
tags and stuff. But then im too lazy . I hope its not one line.
that would suck.
Posted By: biotachyonic

Re: linux commands - 06/25/02 08:51 AM

run that in the directory with all of your man pages.
I hope it works.
I dont know.
I cant even think.
I realy hope it works.
Posted By: biotachyonic

Re: linux commands - 06/25/02 08:55 AM


now that I think about that , i understand that it was completely off topic.
I am such a stoopid foo.
I want to die.
sorry gusy for the inconvenice.
it was a bold move, but in the end, was not so bold.
I hope it helps someone though.
or someone at least reads it .
because I want someone to read it and be happy.
I can write a cgi script that would do your man pages in such a way. for http, but i dont want to go off topic so much that i am more of a complete idiot than I ever was before... I hope not.
im sorry

Posted By: biotachyonic

Re: linux commands - 06/25/02 09:02 AM

oh wow,... earlier in my perl I said such:

print("<a href=\"$bla.html\">$bla</a>");
but it should have a
or something at the end of that tag.
i hope thats right.
I realy realy hoe tpate right.
because I want to be friendly
for all of you who are nice and read things dumb people wriet when they are stupid.


goodbye my frens
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: linux commands - 06/25/02 02:18 PM

biotachyonic, c'mon man... You just made me close a topic because of dumb [censored] like that bro. Keep it on track, especially not with that [censored]. We don't want to ban you for a week, so ya know. Giving ya a heads up. Have a good summer, atleast we can thank you when you did have input for *nix.
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