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Linus says "Use KDE"

Posted By: sinetific

Linus says "Use KDE" - 12/13/05 05:13 PM

"Without tip-toeing around the matter, Linus Torvalds made his preference in the GNOME vs. KDE matter quite clear on the GNOME-usability list: "I personally just encourage people to switch to KDE. This 'users are idiots, and are confused by functionality' mentality of Gnome is a disease. If you think your users are idiots, only idiots will use it. I don't use Gnome, because in striving to be simple, it has long since reached the point where it simply doesn't do what I need it to do. Please, just tell people to use KDE." Also, "Gnome seems to be developed by interface nazis, where consistently the excuse for not doing something is not 'it's too complicated to do', but 'it would confuse users'.""

Posted By: §intå×

Re: Linus says "Use KDE" - 12/13/05 05:44 PM

Many of you will dissagree. The more I know about Linus, the less I respect.. His contribution is great, but it is done too. He no longer codes, sure he give kernels his blessing, but what is that?
Posted By: xacex

Re: Linus says "Use KDE" - 04/18/06 12:15 AM

everyone knows that flux is the clear choice. followed by enlightenment.
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Linus says "Use KDE" - 04/18/06 04:14 AM

<3 flux.
Posted By: Defcon

Re: Linus says "Use KDE" - 04/19/06 12:47 PM

I dunno, I like flux but I'm really a Xfce man when I run FreeBSD.
Posted By: xacex

Re: Linus says "Use KDE" - 04/19/06 11:48 PM

anyone ever try blackbox? I like the looks of it, however I don't like the way the menus work and when you minimize windows it's a bit of a hunt to find them again.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Linus says "Use KDE" - 04/20/06 05:38 AM

Originally posted by xacex:
Posted By: VirtualRanger

Re: Linus says "Use KDE" - 10/13/06 06:37 AM

I think KDE is better in certain way to GNOME since it resembles Microsoft Windows straight away. But I believe that GUIs are for computer users and CLIs are for computer professionals. So I preffer non of the above. Once you get used to the power of CLI, you will never want a GUI again (atleast for a certain limit). Even though KDE is good, my personal experience tells me that it is not good to be used with pointing devices other than mouse. You will fed up trying to control the cursor (that funny little thing moving on the screen when you move your mouse).
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Linus says "Use KDE" - 10/13/06 09:06 AM

You know, I'd love to see you sit and toy with video/photo editing without any sort of gui hehe
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