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Any good Linux Reads

Posted By: Beegie_B

Any good Linux Reads - 01/04/04 08:33 AM

do any of you know of any good reading matirial for linux? thanks for the info.

Posted By: Ghost

Re: Any good Linux Reads - 01/04/04 10:41 AM

Linux Infomation

Just search google for what information you want.
Posted By: AnthonyVSD

Re: Any good Linux Reads - 01/04/04 03:37 PM

Generally there are a lot of useful tutorials and howto's on the Linux Documentation Project website.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Any good Linux Reads - 01/04/04 05:03 PM


These are some of my favorites. Also check out your cities LUG(linux users group).
Mine is the MDLUG(metro detroit linux users group). They always are more than willing to help young linux enthusiasts, some will even offer free onsite installation to help get you going.
Posted By: ?

Re: Any good Linux Reads - 01/04/04 07:45 PM

Posted By: Shinobi

Re: Any good Linux Reads - 01/09/04 07:15 AM

...? Was that even a thought?
Posted By: Ice

Re: Any good Linux Reads - 01/09/04 08:25 AM

i think hes meaning the man command = )

You know man vi
and it would give you commands and info on vi.

If you want some good linux reads, just read the distro's documentation files.
Posted By: Shinobi

Re: Any good Linux Reads - 01/10/04 05:59 AM

Well if he ment the man pages then I would have imagined he would give a little bit more of a description. It looks like he had half a thought and then posted it. Especially from someone claiming they know everything.
Posted By: weeve

Re: Any good Linux Reads - 01/12/04 01:29 AM

Wow, funny no one thought about . he, or that fact that there's a unix/linux documentation project out there, online I forget the name but it's 10's of thousands of ppl, all contribing to a large archive of info. Open source is so cozy smile The best documentation/info for source learning, would be to first know what you want as a o/s, what your needs are, then you build a knowledge base around that o/s, also if you want to spread a tree structure of knowledge, pick one(me=bell labs unix), then expand from it down to whatever branches you want, then info on security, bugs, code, base(kernel), lib structure, bladity bladity bla. You get me? good. There are tons of hidden, and visible source of knowledge/info out there, that you can sure as hell help yourself too. Consume the information, and mind breed a dream. Mine is a o/s I will build someday.

But if you wanted some 0day cheat info into becoming elite, I won't be helping that. Learning from expierence is best imo, if not then go learn from the people that created, and work on the o/s's. Or if you want to try harder go into the hardware side of things. That's all I have to say about that. Want a chocolate?
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Any good Linux Reads - 01/12/04 01:50 PM
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