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GUI's for *nix

Posted By: Infinite

GUI's for *nix - 04/11/03 10:02 PM

So here's my dilemma; I want to start making gui programs with perl. I have been learning perl for a couple months now, and I need a way to make em graphical. I know of two options: GTK and TK. Does anyone have any advice here? Words of wisdom or pros and cons of either? Or, what other options do I have in this decision?

Posted By: jonconley

Re: GUI's for *nix - 04/12/03 04:31 AM

Not sure here but isn't there


GTK for Gnome
QT for KDE

There is also the web route. I am a fan of some of the HTML/PHP interfaces for various programs. Makes it nice for a box that needs to be easily handled remotely and/or is monitorless.

I have even seen a few nice IDEs that pretty much draw the gui and then add the code in whatever. Like MS Visual Studio.
Posted By: Mojo

Re: GUI's for *nix - 04/12/03 08:10 AM

actually jon, gnome is itself a toolkit for GUIs. GNU Network Object Model Environment to be exact. TCL/TK must be written together too, because TK is just based on the programming language TCL, which was written by John Ousterhout during his time in Berkley. i tended to do GUIs in PyGTK and let me tell you, it was a [censored] to write. i couldnt find really good man pages for PyGtk or good info at all. Thats when i changed to TCL/TK which is definitly easier, and its like java. normally you could run your program with the GUI on windows too. dont use Java. Java is evil. Java should be burned, cut into pieces and thrown away. gnome is also good, but i would stick to TCL/Tk. good thing is, you learn TCL while doing the GUIs in it. hey, another programming language learned. google has more. so much for my once per month post.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: GUI's for *nix - 04/12/03 02:47 PM


I started with Gtk-Perl . Found an awesome tutorial for using Gtk-Perl here . It didn't take me that long to get some windows looking the way I wanted with this.

I'll be having a look at Perl/Tk too. Found a good link on Perl/Tk if you guys are interested.

Thanks for the input.

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