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switch to red hat

Posted By: Gollum

switch to red hat - 03/05/04 02:34 PM

so i'm in the midst of building a new computer. i like slackware, but still want to try other distros. i'm mostly curiuos as to what you people think about trying red hat. not just to see what it's like, but from what i've heard, red hat is used in like 90% of linux servers. i'm wondering if it would be worth it to install red hat to become familiar with it? i'm curious anyway, and so no matter what i'm gonna try it. but is red hat really that much different from other linux distros? for instance...if i have installed apache and mysql on slackware, is it gonna be a different process for red hat...using any different commands? so far the only difference i really see is that red hat has more commands which would be used on a server, as well as slackware having it's init scripts different (bsd instead of sysvinit). so yeah, i guess my basic question would be. is one distro enough to say i know linux...or should i try out multiple distros, especially red hat or suse or mandrake b4 i actually get somewhat confident in running a linux server?//
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: switch to red hat - 03/05/04 11:26 PM

Do NOT go to redhat. RedHat stopped all work on it's user versions as they don't bring in money. Keep a real distro smirk.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: switch to red hat - 03/06/04 04:36 AM

There might not be RedHat anymore, but there is still Fedora....

I started linux using redhat. Good begginer distro, but the more I learned the more I didn't like it. After I started using other distro's I left RedHat behind with no intention of going back. IMHO RedHat is just as convoluted and polluted as windows is, prolly because it has the same aim: to be anything and everything to everyone.

But giver, there's no harm in trying it out. Who knows, you might actually like Fedora.



This post brought to you in LYNX :p
Posted By: sinetific

Re: switch to red hat - 03/06/04 07:29 AM

Installation of things can be different in redhat if you use rpms instead of source code. In my opinion it's a step backwards, like putting your training wheels back on after you've learned how to ride a bike. If you learn systems administration on a command line oreinted version of linux like slackware you can still use that exact same why of doing things in redhat, but redhat also gives you GUI versions of the sysadmin tools as does SuSE and mandrake. If I were you I would try gentoo, debian, or a BSD. Or just start downloading distros and try them all out, that's what I did for awhile.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: switch to red hat - 03/06/04 10:05 AM

Yeh go FBSD, that's a fairly good distro, hell a lot of webservers are running it wink , same with redhat however :shiver:
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