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Whats your fav

Posted By: hKzKnight

Whats your fav - 04/10/02 06:59 PM

Now I know this is gonna be a big post. Lots of people are going to reply to this. If they don't then uhh I'm going to cry in a corner. Well anyway, here it is. What is your fav distro(s)? That's right, what is it and why?

I like Mandrake and Redhat. They aren't a pain in the *** to install or partion. They have great technical support. I love what they are packaged with. I just have been pleased with them. They run well, no real issues with them. They rage for n00bs to gods of Linux.
Posted By: Cyrez

Re: Whats your fav - 04/10/02 09:20 PM

I like mandrake and redhat for the same reason (easy install) but once i get an old laptop that i can mess around with im gonna try out slackware cause i heard its really good.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Whats your fav - 04/10/02 09:57 PM

I like Slackware and Mandrake, and of corse FBSD...

Mandrake 8+ and Slackware 8+ i cannot install on my laptop for the sheer reason that they probe my PCMCIA cards and well it kernel panics lol..

I don't care what anyone sais, Slackware is ****ing so easy to install, easier than Mandrake in some ways, hell the install is alot the same.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Whats your fav - 04/11/02 12:05 AM

LOL I've had that happen with Stormix on an old desktop in '99. It didn't like my ram... Warning kernel panic, cannot use ram. Blah blah... THIS IS THE MAJOR KERNEL!!! Don't PANIC!!!!!!!! No, the general is coming! PANIC PANIC! LOL Sorry... You all know I'm a bit weird LOL. Now Slackware is reallll nice.... However it isn't for n00bs... So if any of you n00bs are reading this stick to Mandrake first. Slackware is used by a lot of hackers and programmers. A lot of freedom to it... Also Debain is nice, Debain is great for gamers. However the true gaming distro is Red Hat, I found. However Mandrake still works well. I really like Mandrake because they have a great newsletter, website, techies... You name it. LOL **** Panicing kernels! Did you d/l a kernel update? After they get old you need to patch em up... Or they just bleed all over.
Posted By: psychogen

Re: Whats your fav - 04/13/02 04:59 PM

i hate mandrake simply cause it awlays gives me a kernel panic when i try and boot it after install plus i dont like graphical installs!

personally (i have not been using linux for a while now) i like slackware and red hat i want to give debian 3 a try though when thats released and maybe even suse 8 but lets see!
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Whats your fav - 04/13/02 10:22 PM

SuSe is nice, I had a long talk with them at the Linux Expo. Really cool guys.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Whats your fav - 04/17/02 05:24 AM

Personally I like suse, except for the fact that it uses the /opt diretory to store files that normally on other sytems are stored in different directories which can make this installation of certain programs tricky. Really though I havent seen much of a difference between most distros that ive used except for the packaging. THis might be becasue of the fact that for my first two I was relatively new and just getting a feel for it. Slack is different, Im still have to try out freebsd, debian and other smaller distros
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Whats your fav - 04/18/02 12:54 AM

I been usin Red Hat for most of the time I've spent in linux. I have Slack installed now too, and am poking arond with it.

I like Red Hat. As my first exposure to linux it has been a great place to learn. All around it has been easy to learn and very efficent it it's operation.

I've used suse a bit, it seems to be about the same (as I'm sure most linux is).

I'm looking forward to getting ionto slackware though. Of all linux it is supposed to be the most unix like, or is that bsd like?

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