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Linux Certification

Posted By: AK

Linux Certification - 03/20/02 09:40 PM

I think I'm gonna try to get Linux Certified. It's a lot of learning an a lot of stuff I haven't ever done or tried but I really wanna do this. I've been lookin around on the llinux professional institute - Is this my best choice for Linux certification and does anyone here have or know people with a Linux Certification? give me some info people.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Linux Certification - 03/20/02 11:33 PM

Ha perfect timing! I am a super linux junkie. I got posters all over my LAN of linux. Been to the world linux expo, I am the linux man for the firm I work at. I got over 20 diff Linux distros. Sorry, I am addicted to it. I've been studying Linux+ and RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer). Ok you can get study books from the Exam Cram series made by Coriolis books. Linux+ is exam Xk0-001 (you will need the numbers for all computer certifications) RHCE is RH-302. Companies... hmm and if you want more info on Linux+ which is a very new exam go to if you need anything please feel free to contact me. I would love to help ya. You don't need to sign up for courses, you can get study progs and the books are great. Have a good night.
Posted By: AK

Re: Linux Certification - 03/21/02 05:27 AM

hmm, this Linux+ certification looks like it's for me. It's nothin too hard an I already know most of these things, maybe need to study up on some a little more. thanks a lot for the info kHzKnight.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Linux Certification - 03/21/02 09:08 PM

It's no problem! Linux+ is great, you learn a good deal from it. I will be here often so it seems. The problem with a lot of schools is they aren't as educated in information technologie and the courses can be very expensive. At least 80% of my computer knowledge is just studying by my self. I didn't take courses, I read books and tested. It works well for some.
Posted By: Genesis98

Re: Linux Certification - 03/22/02 02:38 AM

Complete list of all certifications this might help a few of you.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Linux Certification - 03/22/02 04:06 AM

**** you! You took away my job here! LOL j/k, thanx Genesis98. It will be useuful for many people with questions and I don't have to type all those exam names and numbers lol. Yet do remember all of us are here to answer any questions if there are any. We all know this shiz... Genesis you like Linux? If you do then you are ok in my book... If not then well then we'll have to kill ya... j/k I think I am gonna talk with gizmo and setup a text on the kbase on how to get certified etc. Good night
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