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My Distro White List has grown!

Posted By: psychogen

My Distro White List has grown! - 08/02/02 02:25 PM


I am exited! Why? cause I just installed FreeBSD 4.6 and its the shits! From all of the recent *nix installs I have done, I love this one.

It is simple, it is fast and it does not install a load of crap you dont want to install. Everything is editable - a bit like expert mode on some other installs. It asks you for everything in plain english, no [censored] around and you have your New Unix system installed in less than 10 minutes.

The boot loader, I have besides FBSD also win2k installed. I thought allright I will just copy the boot info from fbsd to a file that Ill stick in the root of c: an then point boot.ini to it.

Why? Damn it the boot manager from Fbsd is great, no shitting around, very simple!

I now have!

FreeBSD F3

F1, F2 or F3 how much simpler can it get? no data corruption whats so ever with the fdisk tool they have provided - its so simple I bet my 3 year old brother could do it if he was able to read!

It gives you the options of installing 3rd party packages straight away - this is nice!!!

And it install just the necessary unless u tell it otherwise.

So I am very happy - FreeBSD dev robots - HATS OFF!!!

Im now off to configure the system so I can do some NFS installs like Gnome and [censored]!

I am telling you guys, go FBSD you will not regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<<psychogen>> the happy one!
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