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linux 101

Posted By: expatriate ghost

linux 101 - 06/06/02 09:41 PM

i have this old pentium 2 / win 98 SE sony vaio.
i would like to put a version of linux on it, to learn how to use the os. is it possible to have linux and win 98 on it at the same time, and what would a good version of linux to start on be?
my programming experience is very minimal.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: linux 101 - 06/06/02 10:12 PM

Dual boot W98 and Slack8, or if you dont feel like goin through the configurations go with Mandrake.


both are rather simple to install, but mandrake would be for more of the beginner, slackware would be for more of the elite.

If you'd like to go with BSD, go with either:

But you should go with Mandrake since you want the minimal work done for you.

What you'd want to do is take and configure your partitions and then install linux/bsd AFTER you have windows installed, and tell it that you'd like to install Lilo on the Super Block, and it will get evertything working for you pretty easily.

Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: linux 101 - 06/06/02 10:58 PM or visit the *nix forum... Start w/ mandrake linux first
Posted By: expatriate ghost

Re: linux 101 - 06/06/02 10:58 PM

i recently re - formatted the hard drive and re - installed win 98. the drive is partitioned into c: 4gb and d:2gb. are you saying intall the mandrake version onto it's own dedicated partition?
i'll just dnld it, and play with it and figure it out eventually.
the monitor driver is missing however, that will improve the res. on the vaio. it looks like it's in perma-safe mode.
i lack the original software, recovery disks, manuals,etc.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: linux 101 - 06/06/02 11:23 PM

Linux on a windows partition is [censored]... You need a linux partition for it...
Posted By: expatriate ghost

Re: linux 101 - 06/09/02 08:40 PM

i am experiencing technical difficulties with this vaio. it's a PCG-F190 model. i installed win 98 snd edition on it, and lack the driver for the video card? or the screen? so the screen resolution is 16 color and looks like [censored]. does anyone have a driver they can e - mail me ?
so...i got mandrake 8.2 and burned cd # 1 and # 2, dwnlded the literature, and now can't figure out how to run the iso file or configure the bios.
what windows programs will run an .iso file ?
is there a linux driver available for the [censored] screen so i can avoid dealing with microsoft licenced products ?
long winded, that's my steez.... EG
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: linux 101 - 06/09/02 08:44 PM

To burn the ISO go and check out and download Nero Burning Rom, and use it as a trial, or snag a key from and then reg it, and then you open the program choose fil then burn ISO image, then find your image, place a CD ion yoru CDR(w) tray and click burn, should take a few minutes to half an hour depending on the speed of your burner.

After you have that done, you can either go with cd detection or bootdisks, and since its a new system i'd reccommend going with the cd detection.

that route you'd tell yoru bios to boot: cd-rom/hard drive.

hope i was of assistance
Posted By: expatriate ghost

Re: linux 101 - 06/09/02 09:02 PM

i have the cd's burned...ready to go,
i don't know what appliction in win98 will read the file , to get me started....
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: linux 101 - 06/09/02 10:37 PM

lol you dont do anything in windows, what you do is you insert your cd #1 in your cd rom drive, and you reboot, if your system is configured to boot from a cd it'll auto run and install whatever...

You need to have your partitions setup first though, i reccomend Partition Magic for that, but theres a lot of others, or if you dont feel like doing that and you don't have too much important data, just reformat and make a 2-3 gig partition for linux and dispence everything else everywhere...
Posted By: expatriate ghost

Re: linux 101 - 06/09/02 11:46 PM

yeah, it's not booting. i went into BIOS, set the plugnplay OS off, and put cd rom at #1 on the boot list, it's still booting right into win 98...thanks for all the input, it's just slow going at this point...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: linux 101 - 06/10/02 12:21 AM

i don't install mandrake lol it should have a bootdisk directory (you better pray that it does) then just use rawrite.exe to write them heh...
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: linux 101 - 06/10/02 02:55 AM

Sorry I lost track of this post. Gizmo, can you please move this post in my forum, it is more logical that way. Hmm just POR (Point of Refrence), if you want a dual boot box, WIN and Linux, and you don't want to [censored] around with partioning yadada. Then go out and buy or d/l Linux for windows, by mandrake. Yes it is real, it makes life a bit easier. It creates a folder under windows, it has GRUB or Lilo boot up when PC boots for you to pic what to boot. It's like any other kind of mandrake version, can update yadada. It's a good starting distro. go find it and look into it.
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