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wireless pci card driver for linux

Posted By: acid45

wireless pci card driver for linux - 12/22/03 12:41 AM

linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1-pre16.tar.gz is the driver I've downloaded from I don't know much about wireless, I had to get a wireless card in september because internet was included in my rent and it was free but it was wireless. So now I'm scrambeling to get it all set up, I won't be doing anything with it because I'm leaving in a few hours and will be taking my computer where wires dominate and I don't want a broken distro when I get an internet connection I've set up already. Thanks.

slightly off topic: I read in the 2.6 release info posted on this stie that there has been added support for hard drives. I've had hard drive compatibility issues and I'm not one to be downloading updates everyday so I was wondering is anyone out there uses slackware9.2 with a Western Digital 80GB model:WD800JBRTL3. I don't seem to have the same problem with other distrobutions using the same kernel. I have goten around it using mandrake9.2.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: wireless pci card driver for linux - 12/22/03 01:36 AM

Is that even a question about wireless? Nowhere in that post did I come across anything that resembled anytype of question. Are you posting that for the benefit of other wireless users? Don't take this response as a flame, I'm just confused.

slightly off topic: Kernel problems are completely distrobution independant. Just because you used the same kernel VERSION doesnt mean it's the same kernel configuration, unless you mean you saved and used the same kernel config. What exactly are the problems you are experiencing? Slow speeds? doesn't identify the space correctly?

Make sure the drive is identified correctly:
hdparm -i /dev/hda (or hdb or which ever device your hard drive is)

I really have never seen a harddrive compatability issues with an OS. I've seen them with a motherboards BIOS and I've seen them with harddrive controllers. Does the drive not work at all? or is it just slower? please tell us and I can help you.
Posted By: acid45

Re: wireless pci card driver for linux - 12/22/03 05:21 AM

My "question" any feedback about that driver for linux. I have an MSI PCI11B (802.11b IEEE standard) card and I think it may be covered using that driver. Am I right?

Sometimes I just ramble about my problem and don't actually ask anything because I may not know what's wrong or may forget to ask after giving "detailed" info.

Well it doesn't detect the drive at all. I've talked to one other person who had the same problem but I don't know if it was the same HD. It detected my 60GB maxtor drive with no problems but it already had windows on it and it wouldn't detect my 80gb western digital. Durring boot my BIOS has no problems detecting the drive, windows XP has no problem detecting the drive and mandrake linux has no problem detecting the drive. The only problem I have is with slackware linux and it doesn't even awknowledge a drive exists on IDE 0[1] I think. Primary IDE slave device.
Posted By: AnthonyVSD

Re: wireless pci card driver for linux - 12/22/03 05:42 AM

WLAN-NG is my driver of choice for wireless cards as well. I haven't found the time to play with it enough to get it running, but it seems to be the best available option.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: wireless pci card driver for linux - 12/22/03 10:42 AM

Double check and make sure the jumpers are set up correctly on the drive. Also check the dmesg during boot up to see if it is recognized in there:
dmesg | grep hd

If it's not in dmesg it's a hardware problem not software. Anything recognized n the BIOS should be in the dmesg.

Linux wifi support is development still unfortunately. They do drivers by the chipsets, not really card brand names and manufactuer or standards. Of course if it's wifi it's 802.11b. I hate to come off sounding like an a$$hole to you, because you seem like one of the more intelligent people to visit our board in the past few months but sometimes I do it's just my personality.
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