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redhat 8.0

Posted By: Ares

redhat 8.0 - 02/25/03 07:17 PM

I need a little help installing red hat 8.0
I set the boot priority to Cd-ROM i insert the Install disk 1 and reboot. Then it asks what type of install action prosses i pick Graphical "because iam a newbie to linux" then it ask what country and laguage and keyboard i pick and press enter. Then it says "RED HAT 8.0 WAS NOT DETECTED ON ANY OF YOUR CD-ROM DRIVES PLEASE INSERT DISK AND PRESS OK "

any help on this will good thanks, <img border="0" alt="pissed" title="" src="graemlins/pissed.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="pissed" title="" src="graemlins/pissed.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[upset]" title="" src="graemlins/Upset.gif" />
Posted By: pergesu

Re: redhat 8.0 - 02/25/03 08:16 PM

If you burned your CDs, you may have gotten a bad iso or the burn just didn't work. So first thing to do is run a checksum on the iso, you can get a utility for windows at Then if the checksum matches the one RH gives, burn the CD. If you've got nero, choose the burn iso option, and just drag your iso into the workspace and choose burn. If you're using something else, make sure that it takes an iso and actually recreates the file system on the CD. Should just be "burn iso" or something similar. When in doubt... make a new disk wink
Posted By: Infinite

Re: redhat 8.0 - 02/25/03 08:16 PM

I know redhat 8.0 has a cd integrity check you can run on the install disks to make sure they're good to go. You could try that. Other than that I can't think of anything else right off. That is odd.

Posted By: Ares

Re: redhat 8.0 - 02/25/03 09:40 PM

Iam thinking it is a error in the cds any way because i tried it on my other computer and it didnt work got the same thing.
I got it off ebay for 7 dollers and i just emailed that guy and told him to send me another one or he was gonna get reported to ebay for a bad product.
Thanks ill try your suggestions
Posted By: Skull

Re: redhat 8.0 - 02/26/03 06:15 AM

Wouldn't it be easier just to d/l it your self?
Posted By: Ares

Re: redhat 8.0 - 02/26/03 10:40 PM

no not realy my parnts are gay and wont let me leave the computer on at night. and i got dial up with a 56k i dont think that that would work out to well
Posted By: Ares

Re: redhat 8.0 - 02/27/03 12:08 AM

hum well i did a little searching and found this.

Why does the installation program keep asking for the cdrom when it's already in the drive, or states it can't find a file?

If your system uses a SCSI cdrom drive, or an older IDE cdrom drive, it's possible that the correct module was not loaded during hardware setup and your cd drive is not enabled. You may be able to determine this by viewing the boot messages in one of the virtual terminals. This is done by holding down the Alt and Control keys while pressing, one at a time, the F1 through F10 keys. You should see different text messages on each virtual terminal. Look for indications that your cdrom drive was detected and a module loaded, or an error message indicating failure. If this occurs you will need to either find the correct module for the drive, upgrade to a newer unit, or use a different installation source.

Not being able to find a particular file is usually an indication that the cd is corrupt. You should have checked the MD5 sums before burning. If the MD5 sums are correct, then there could have been a problem during burning. View the cdrom in whatever OS you are running. If you see one large .iso file, you've copied instead of burned the disk image. Even if you see files and directories and the MD5 sums checked, a file or directory may have not burned correctly. I do not know of an easy way to 100% verify each file and directory was burned correctly.

There could be a problem with the cd media itself. Don't burn at a speed that is faster than the rated speed for the media you're using. If you use a cdr-w, make sure there are no smudges on the burning surface _before_ you start the burn, and, just to be sure, blank the disk before burning your iso file.

Another possibility is that your cdrom has problems reading from the media you're using. Try using the cd in another cd reader, or another system to see if this is the case.
i dont fully understand it though frown
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