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it works?

Posted By: hKzKnight

it works? - 09/20/02 07:58 PM

How do you feel the evolution of software, hardware, etc is going with *nix? Think it's getting to be more compatible, or still things to be worked out?

I think games still need to be worked on.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: it works? - 09/21/02 02:32 AM

I just tried out the live eval for SuSE 8.0 to see how the 8.* version is doing. I was extremely impressed. It was a beautiful thing the install was better than a windows install it was compatible with all my odd hardware, and it was beautiful and fast on my 1.2GHz 19" monitor ati radeon 8500. kde 3.0 came with the live eval and looked awesome. I think im gonna purchase 8.1 when it comes out oct 7th.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: it works? - 09/21/02 03:53 AM

VERY SWEEEEEEET! Well, what about games though? I still think they are behind, I don't want a seperate version. They need a version for all OSes.
Posted By: Predator

Re: it works? - 09/21/02 06:51 AM

hmm, well about gaming, too bad loki is no more. But some major games will be for windows and linux. Just take a look at ut 2003 that just went gold (so it will be in store in a few weeks), there is a linux version included (on cd3). There will be a linux version as well for Doom3. Major games are comming to linux smile
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: it works? - 09/21/02 04:45 PM

Ya true, that is kick [censored]. I hope RWS does that for Postal 2.
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