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Posted By: sinetific

MSLinux - 12/11/02 07:57 PM

I know I know, what are they thinking but for only $249.99 it can be yours! But it is well worth it coming with MS's troubleshooting deamon crapd. Just look at what Microsoft has in store for us next:

Microsoft Invades Cuba
Microsoft's plan to invade cuba and overthrow the government has succeeded. One Microsoft official said "It's a win-win situation. The US Government is happy and shuts up the DOJ while Microsoft institutes a monopoly within Cuba for everything from computer software to toilet paper. One more step closer to world domination. Heck, we could feed a whole development department for the cost of one developer's salary in the US. They may not know how to create an Operating System very well, but neither do our US developers."

Microsoft Monkey Colony on Mars
Microsoft has announced that a team of monkeys will be shot into space in 2005 to establish the first Martian Colony. At a recent press conference, Bill Gates confirmed, "We are already training the monkeys to do simple tasks like reboot the space ship when it blue screens. The space vehicle will be running our newest product, SpacePod 2004. This product will instruct the monkeys how to colonize Mars and establish trade with the Martians. We intend to monopolize this market before Human travel to Mars is possible."

MS Linux to have Start Button
Microsoft is working to incorporate the well known "Start" button from the Windows Platform into X Windows' Gnome interface. "We just can't figure out how the hell to get that darn foot out of there! The damn thing is like stuck." The team will have this feature ready by product launch.

MS Linux Faces Competition
Microsoft has hired lawyers to attack it's own product line in an attempt to confuse the DOJ. This stunning new tactic shows great promise according to several Harvard Law professors, although many expressed confusion when questioned about the long term effects of this campaign.
Posted By: Predator

Re: MSLinux - 12/11/02 08:54 PM


Is that one still around? rofl
Posted By: jonconley

Re: MSLinux - 12/12/02 05:38 AM

Seriously: Microsoft will be making SQL Server and Exchange Server that is able to run on linux.
Posted By: Predator

Re: MSLinux - 12/12/02 06:12 AM

Yeah Jon, i yesterday read also that ms probably is going to develop software for linux. But this site is one big joke. (check out the articles)
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: MSLinux - 12/14/02 04:29 PM

what if MS buys the whole LINUX ?
Posted By: Predator

Re: MSLinux - 12/14/02 05:03 PM

wtf? uh? lol

buying linux? rofl

please do think or at least do some research before you post.

linux is free. Linux is just the kernel and it's owned by Linus Torvalds, so i bet that will never happen.

if i were you i'd check out a few sites and start reading.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: MSLinux - 12/15/02 01:25 AM

Of course MS could just by Linus. Everyone is for sale.
Posted By: windead

Re: MSLinux - 01/14/03 07:49 PM

i'm sure that if microsoft really wanted to badly they could takeover the linux market. maybe by making up thier own version of linux, and only dealing with companies, and manufacturers if they run it. or maybe buy the rights from linus torvalds and anyone else who owns some rights to anything linux related. but it can be done.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: MSLinux - 01/14/03 08:40 PM

I dont really think so, first of all they would be able to clear the overhead of paying their programmers to make it and not being able to charge for open source software. Second who would pay for it when you can get it free then just hire some linux certified people to run it saving thousands of dollars from not paying liscenes fees. Honestly the open source community wouldnt do sell out, at least I highly doubt it (I can't speak for everyone). All the source is already out they would have to do mass censorship of the net it would be impoosible. One of the erasons MS was in court was because they do not reveal their source to anyone. I don't think MS could ever take over the linux market. If they did a new form of open source software would emerge. I don't think it can be done.
Posted By: windead

Re: MSLinux - 01/14/03 08:48 PM

i dont think they'd keep it open source, they'd probably just copyright it. and if they owned every right to linux they could ban the source so then companies would get sued for using a version not registered by microsoft. so it would all go underground. but they could take over the commercial part

A friend of mine works for Microsoft, and one of her accounts is NASA. Microsoft has some connections pretty high up, so i bet they could get crazy support.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: MSLinux - 01/14/03 09:06 PM

MS has actually paid Linus for consulting and the initial work on their actual distro they were planning on releasing. The linux kernel is open source therefore if MS released a linux disro it'd be under open source licensing, their software however wouldn't have to be.
Posted By: Predator

Re: MSLinux - 01/14/03 09:12 PM

Oh windead you're so funny

1. As sinetific said: the open source community will never sell out to microsoft. If you say something like that, it just means you don't understand anything about it.
2. Microsoft having some "high american connections", who gives a [censored] about thatone. At first, the heart of the linux community hasn't to do [censored] with the us, it's eusopean, so there do their high connections.
Microsoft does fear linux *lol*

oh and btw [censored] the us.
Posted By: windead

Re: MSLinux - 01/14/03 09:16 PM

lol, i know microsoft fears linux. there was an article in the Toronto Star a couple weeks back where microsoft called linux a form of cancer and said that using linux is "unpatriotic".

and i'm not talking about the linux community, i know they wont sell out, but commercially speaking. microsoft has a huge monopoly on the commercial market. if they dominate linux on the commercial market, theres not much the open-source community can do to stop it.

and with the american government on microsoft's side they have a lot of power. especially with some like bush in power who would do anything for money, or if microsoft could offer it, power.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: MSLinux - 01/14/03 11:18 PM

windead most government agencies have already switched to using linux systems, and more and more do everyday because they can't afford bill's liscening prices. Microsoft countinually battles the american government in court and loses. That doesent seem like the American government is on MS side at all does it?
All your ideas are based on speculation. I can see how MS being the greedy capitalist whores they are would say that since linux is about being open and sharing, unlike a company like MS which is based on stealing and greed.
Unpatriotic? maybe if you think our country stands for capitalism and making that almighty dollar and thats it. If you think our country is based on freedom open source is as free as you get.
Posted By: windead

Re: MSLinux - 01/15/03 04:10 AM

beleive me, i dont feel linux is unpatriotic. lol. and yes, now that i think about it more, there was a lot of speculation and assumption on my part. but i do know the NASA is a huge client of microsoft. and with NASA as a client that does give them a lot of power over the commercial OS market.

and just to add it a bit more of a reply to predator, i know the linux community wont sell out, but if microsoft takes over commercially (bullying, payoffs, that sort of thing) it will take out the biggest linux distros and leave it just to the non-commercial linux community. and it would have to go underground. which, of course, would suck.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: MSLinux - 01/15/03 03:59 PM

"5... 4... 3... [bluescreen] OH [censored]!"
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: MSLinux - 01/15/03 08:25 PM

LOL. Well Microsoft figures, can't beat em, join em. I can see it now, NASA on the phone with Tech Support.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: MSLinux - 01/15/03 11:51 PM

Nasa is always bitching about funding, if they didnt use MS products, it would probably save them shitloads of money. Damn would probably would of colonized the moon already if it was for greedy gates.
Posted By: windead

Re: MSLinux - 01/16/03 07:19 AM

lol, either NASA's very stupid or they're getting some super-stable and cheap microsoft product. wait... i think that phrase contradicts itself...
Posted By: smartyhands

Re: MSLinux - 10/12/03 12:42 PM

This sounds like what SCO is trying to do.

I just found out about this recently... They are claiming that Linux distro (I think 2.4 and above) contain copyrighted Unix code (from SCO of course) and are SUING IBM (and talking about suing ALL Linux customers) for retroactive license fees!

Is this INSANE or what?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: MSLinux - 10/12/03 01:31 PM

Jesus, bringing a post back that's been dead for 9 months? crazy...
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