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Posted By: jonconley

Archive/Compression Program GUI - 05/10/03 02:43 AM

I was checking around, b/c I actually find using the command line much quicker and more effective than any compression programs GUI. So I looked to see if not only was their a good GUI, but one that supported the most formats. I found slim to nothing, and the ones integrated with like FileRoller w/ Konqueror, left much to be desired. So before I start, I just wanted to find out if anyone here has knowledge of a good GUI that provides a frontend for creating/extracting from multiple compressions.

Posted By: Infinite

Re: Archive/Compression Program GUI - 05/10/03 06:25 AM

in *nix, you got three choices I know of for making a frontend. Gtk (Gimp Tool Kit), TK (a graphical extension of TCL) and QT (the KDE gui toolkit, I should look it up so I know what it means :p ). I know a bit of Gtk, I'm using it to give my IRC client a gui (writing client in perl, therefore using Gtk-perl). As for the others... *shrugs* TK is cross platform, but if you are using a *nix utility then this is a moot point.

So far my experience with Gtk is good. I found it remarkably easy to figure the basics out and get something working.

An example of what Gtk looks like. </blatant plug>

Posted By: pergesu

Re: Archive/Compression Program GUI - 05/10/03 05:10 PM

Or you can go the java route and get somethin that looks like this
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Archive/Compression Program GUI - 05/22/03 11:22 PM

found this today.
Posted By: Mojo

Re: Archive/Compression Program GUI - 06/09/03 06:28 PM

you are right, command line is better smile
if you need a GUI check freshmeat (the link), lots of tools there. mc still 0wns though, because you can make hotkeys for it. like F3 for uncompress and F4 for packed creation etc.
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