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Posted By: Gollum

gnome-panel - 03/04/04 04:31 AM

so does anyone else who runs gnome have the problem, where a process called "gnome-panel" seems to be eating up between 30-50% of your cpu? it seems kind of a lot. i found a few other people with the same problem...but no one seem to have a solution to it. and speaking of window managers...i' fairly interested in Englightenment. anyone use it before? if how is it?

here's a paste of top:
the first numbers in bold are cpu use %, and the second is mem use % and the 3rd is time...followed by of course, the program name.

453 root 15 0 32528 18M 17156 S 43.3 7.6 530:44 0 gnome-panel
379 root 25 0 92796 20M 75152 R 23.6 8.2 274:49 0 X
461 root 15 0 24580 12M 15284 S 10.7 5.2 122:38 0 wnck-applet
451 root 15 0 12140 4596 10720 S 9.9 1.8 120:57 0 metacity
428 root 15 0 19052 10M 8468 S 8.0 4.3 79:01 0 gnome-smproxy

those are the top 5 programs.

NOTE: while i still dont' know what was going on...i just installed enlightenment 0.16.5...i think i found my new window manager...//
Posted By: sinetific

Re: gnome-panel - 03/04/04 07:38 AM

enlightenment can be nice. It talks to you and stuff..but I find some of it's features and things about how it's set up to be annoying. Gnome panel is the bar that goes across your screen maybe if you have some type of monitor on it it might eat up more cpu cycles, you can add monitors for networks, memory, cpu, and other stuff mine usually use no cpu cycles and maybe 5% of memory. thats odd
Posted By: §intå×

Re: gnome-panel - 03/05/04 06:22 AM

enlightenment is nice if you want something lightweight to access programs in a gui. It is further from the Windows style desktop than KDE or gnome. Once you are used to it, it can be good. But it has a few quirks as sinetific was saying.
Posted By: Gollum

Re: gnome-panel - 03/05/04 02:26 PM

the only thing i've found with it so far is that it's not really built for slackware. config problems with libast keep you from compiling eterm...and so they had to come out with a package specifically for slackware. but yeah, so far that's the only thing, just it and slackware don't like to get along...otherwise i love it. my only problem with it other than that, is i'm trying to figure out if there's any possible way to have a type of taskbar. there IS this bar at the top, but i have yet to figure out what it does, lol. but i'm a fan of being able to bring certain apps to the foreground without having to minimize or move others.//
Posted By: sinetific

Re: gnome-panel - 03/06/04 07:37 AM

you can run gnome-panel in enlightenment laugh
Posted By: Gollum

Re: gnome-panel - 03/06/04 09:02 AM

lol, i thought of that when i was posting.//
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