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NTFS file reading

Posted By: mtlhd

NTFS file reading - 06/24/02 03:23 AM

I was wondering if the newer linux distros are able to read the NTFS file system. I recently installed win2K and I don't want to take any risks of fscking over my windows partitions trying to install linux again. Thanks for your time.
Posted By: Influx

Re: NTFS file reading - 06/24/02 03:06 PM

If you want to be able to read ntfs partitions, you'll need to recompile your kernel with ntfs file system support. (I've noticed standard linux distro's don't have it in their kernel)
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: NTFS file reading - 06/24/02 04:46 PM

Posted By: mtlhd

Re: NTFS file reading - 06/25/02 04:22 AM

Ok thanks, but have any of you or anyone else successfully installed linux with an NTFS partition on the same HDD, I've heard that sometimes linux doesn't recoginize that's it's NTFS and erases it or something fscks over. I really don't want that to happen. Thanks again.
Posted By: bor

Re: NTFS file reading - 06/25/02 05:05 AM

I'm currently dual booting with an NTFS partition, linux, and swap partitions on the same HD. No problems for me.

Just make sure you have the NTFS OS installed first.
Posted By: mtlhd

Re: NTFS file reading - 06/25/02 06:40 AM

Ah! ok, I see. Thanks for the replies. wink
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