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Posted By: SilentRage

Boot Disk - 06/26/02 12:25 AM

I've done some searching for a linux boot disk as well as tried out the LOAF boot disk recommended somewhere on this board. However the LOAF image does not even contain a shell... Dunno what to make of that. Searches revealed results with fancy shmancy emergency boot disks with all these tools I don't want.

I want a bare bones linux on a disk. Basically a kernel and a shell and as little else as possible.

I want one so that I may start at the guts of linux and learn my way outward. I've done this with DOS and am extremely familiar with its workings - I'd like the same of linux with its greater potential. Then I can make my own boot disks to fit my needs.

If nobody knows where I can download one, I'd be much obliged if you'd make one for me. It shouldn't take any time at all when you know what you're doing.
Posted By: girlygirl

Re: Boot Disk - 06/26/02 03:26 AM

I don't know if this is what you are talking about since I am not that familiar with Linux, but this site kinda sounds like what you are talking about. It said that this boot disc "leaves out all that bloating stuff that screws up your hard disk." Anyway, the site is here
Posted By: mtlhd

Re: Boot Disk - 06/26/02 03:53 AM

Well I found these sites here, they seem to be what you're looking for. If not, well then try searching on or Both of those sites have a lot of neat sources.Good luck wink

Oh yeah, you might also want to try Linux From Scratch. It's much larger than the others mentioned above, but you build everything from scratch :p The site is HERE
Posted By: Soap

Re: Boot Disk - 06/26/02 07:36 AM

Well I was gonna reply with what mtlhd said (linux from scratch) but also wanted to mention the Linux router Project . It's a distro that fits on a floppy (like the preceding links). And what about Core Linux. I'm unsure about the size of Core linux though.

hope all those links get you what you want.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Boot Disk - 06/30/02 02:56 AM

I had to stealth my way here, so today should be the last of posts for like 2 weeks of me, unsure... Well LOAF I think runs of 2 disks, one to boot after that another with the shell etc. Read the, readme.txt. Also go to search whatever ya need, if you interested in floppy sort of linux it's got your needs. Simple UMOD linux, search Dragon Linux. Soap also has some good ideas. Catch ya all later, will miss ya.
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