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Your fav desktop enviroment

Posted By: hKzKnight

Your fav desktop enviroment - 04/05/02 05:24 AM

SUp!!!!!!!! LOL. We are gonna keep it simple, pick between Gnome and KDE. What do you like to use and why? Or do you use one for a special reason?

Here I'll go first (no **** LOL).

I use Gnome for gaming and KDE for work.
KDE seems to be a more work like setup, it's organized and has this feel to it. Gnome seems to be for games, I know a few games need you to run gnome to play it. It just seems to run games more. I don't know, arg trying to get it out in words. I'll come back to it. I would love to hear what you think. Think of this as a text poll LOL. Good night AND ROCK ON!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Your fav desktop enviroment - 04/05/02 07:18 AM

I like Enlightenment. But Gnome/KDE are nice also smirk
Posted By: Predator

Re: Your fav desktop enviroment - 04/05/02 07:42 AM

Well my favorite is kde. I really want to try kde3 now it went final a few days ago smile
But further i also like ximian gnome bu i don't use it much. What i also like is blackbox, it's very light smile
Posted By: zenon

Re: Your fav desktop enviroment - 04/05/02 07:57 AM

I usually go for init 3, so I don't use
But if I really have to chose one; then

Kde is so much better than Gnome , for several reasons.
But I just like the clean style of it.

Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Your fav desktop enviroment - 04/05/02 06:48 PM

Ahhh there is a way to put KDE, clean style. Indeed, it seems organized. That is why I use it for work, it seems more like a working enviroment. However games for me have allways worked only or better in GNOME. I just always found Gnome as a gamer's enviroment. When they need to beta test I would swich over and test, however most of the time I gotta use a win emulator or just restart and boot to my windows.

You use Ximian Gnome? RIGHT ON MAN RIGHT ON!!! IT'S THE MONKEY!!! THE MONKEY!!!!! Sorry LOL, they gave it to me awhile back at the world linux expo. I like it, the guys were funny 2. Actully Enlightment is very popular, it seems a lot on Red Hat 2. Lets keep it rolling until we run out of things again (why is it the thread always goes dead and the last poster is always Gizmo).... Just pulling your chain boss. LOL. Eww next thread is gonna be good. Use the force of the Penguin my friends.
Posted By: PolPot

Re: Your fav desktop enviroment - 04/06/02 01:38 PM

Between KDE and Gnome, I'd have to go with KDE because it's less of a memory hog. At least that's what I've noticed and I also like some of the tools that KDE comes with, but Gnome is nicer looking for some reason. If only I had more memory I'd run that more often. By the way my fav desktop enviroment is Blackbox cool. Simplicity at it's best.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Your fav desktop enviroment - 04/07/02 01:22 AM

LOL, good deal.
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