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Posted By: sinetific

Slackware - 08/28/03 12:31 PM

Ok this is going to be my official slackware post. I used to think it had weaknesses as a distro compared to others like gentoo with its aptget and the *BSDs with thier ports collection, but lately I've been finding a huge slackware community out there and great tools.

For all of you who have had problems booting Slackware from CD on your old machines

A script to check and update all the packages in your slack install. Even the kernel (although that might be a little scarry)

Dropline Gnome:
The full gnome suite configured specifically for slackware. Installer and updater. Includes Xchat2 Evolution Gaim and Mozilla.
Lots of great slackware info and community.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Slackware - 08/28/03 03:14 PM

I love slack smile ... My altime fav distro smile .
Posted By: Ice

Re: Slackware - 08/29/03 11:33 AM

I used Slackware 9.0 for a little white, great distro, i am new to linux but i liked it a lot.
Then i switched to Knoppix STD, used it for 2 weeks or so
then i tried FreeBSD for couple of days and love it = )

God i love the ports option, so easy
Posted By: Gollum

Re: Slackware - 09/02/03 02:42 PM

so, just a quick question about the slack 9 iso. it DOESN'T come with the kernel source code right? i mean, i know i can download it and stuff...but shouldn't a distro come with the source for the kernel installed?

btw, i've used mandrake and slack so far, and i prefer slack much more//
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Slackware - 09/03/03 06:12 AM

Yeah, that is one thing that bothered me about slack9. They chose to leave the kernel source code out so they could fit the distro on a single CD. I think if you purchase the 4 CD set from the slackware store, it does include the kernel source.
Otherwise, you can download the matching kernel source for the default slack9 kernel (2.4.20) here:

And it does come with any of the tools ive listed above. Maybe thats why it's title slackware because the developers slackoff and the users have to do their part to pick up the rest. It never claimed to be a user friendly distro. who knows..
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Slackware - 09/30/03 04:03 AM

Slackware 9.1 has been released. See the official announcement here:
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Slackware - 10/28/03 01:59 PM

2 more announcements to make your slackware life a little bit easier.

The debain style apt like application retriever. It searches 100's of slackware mirrors through rsync and gets you the packages you want.

Another slackware auto-updater.
Posted By: bosky101

Re: Slackware - 11/15/03 04:06 AM

im on the verge on getting my first linux distro..few queries first.

1#would i be able to run slack from my cd rom, i heard zipslack can boot from the floppy?

2#i want most of the features of slackware...but run it along with my win2k shud i go for bigslack instead , or will 'slackware' work fine?

3#how shud my partitions be?
would this do (assuming im giving 13-15 gigs) and that i might want to have a few more kernels later...I better make the changes now .
/ = 1G
/usr = 7G
/home = 2G
/var = 2G
/tmp = 1G

4# the only reason i got this is so that i could 'learn' do i really need fluxbox ?

i found a nice place to find distro's and comapre them

Posted By: sinetific

Re: Slackware - 11/15/03 04:40 AM

#1 If you want a 'live' distro that you can run off a CDrom and a ramdisk try slackware-live . Although I would probably go with Knoppix for a live CD.

#2 If you want to run it along with win2k try an emulator like vmware and install your linux distro on that. Bigslack won't work on an NTFS system which I think that win2k is, although win2k might run on FAT also.

#3 That is personal preference personally I only use seperate partitions for 'swap', '/boot' and '/'. Make your swap space about 2x the size of your ram. Boot is where your kernels are stored, but it doesn't need to be that large about 500MB. Your '/var' partition might want to be a bit larger with slack since it's your web server directory (/var/www) and stores all your log files.

#4 Who says you "need" fluxbox? That's like asking "I'm thirsty, do I need orange juice?" No, there are many window managers for you to choose from as are there beverages. If your distro doesn't contain a certain distro you can always install it later.

I hope that answers your questions.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Slackware - 02/05/04 11:54 AM

No longer do I think gentoo > slackware. Portage for slackware! uNF! doesnt get much better than that.
Posted By: weeve

Re: Slackware - 02/08/04 12:37 PM

yea it does:X Xbill, and quake/quakeII/III for linux/;D Games premade for linux out there, they work hella easy well with slack. Slack user since 3.0 :X yes that is ancient, the kernel version was uber old. But if you think those changes you've mentioned are much...psssh I've seen them [censored] do alot worse. I'm glad slack has at least held together, but I full support the makers. I used to talk to a brother, and sister that coded on the slackware team. Um slack used to be 300megs for the iso:D that's everything, one boot, and one root disk. Gah...yea slack is pimp yo, the more you use it, the more you explore it, the better it gets:) user local, and slack updaters are coo:) I like the pun on /usr/local.

bosky101 lol, look into dual booting with lilo, yes boot installs from cd work, the images will load, you don't need that many partitions all seperate for sections, slack will do that on it's own. If you want. So say your windows part is like 20 gigs, you have 15 free, you use Partition Magic Pro 9.0 or whatever to resize the parition down to 10 gigs, you still have 5 free on the other, and 10 free for slack, say you have 256 ram, maybe a 512 or 256 linux swap partition, and you can label it through fdisk on slackware install if needed, then all you need to do is make a main linux parition, 9gigs or whatever. 9.4. so in short you need to go to or and look into the install directions it's all there to learn, but the most important are those. Also 's faq has MASSIVE compiled info on [censored] like this. Have fun:)
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Slackware - 06/30/04 08:42 AM

Slackware 10.0 is now released.
Posted By: h0nke

Re: Slackware - 01/20/05 11:38 PM

slack is great. you can have a real linux system and still have great video acceleration easily ( drivers) and good sound (alsaconf). if you want an awesome desktop, get dropline. the package manager now has gui interfaces if you don't like the old text based one. more and more packages come out daily.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Slackware - 01/22/05 10:31 AM

nvidia drivers are only good if you have an nvidia card... And are not only available to slackware.

Alsa as well will work with any distro and not just slackware.

And as far as package managers go, Portage has them all beat.

(IMHO as a side note if you don't like using the commandline then you are never really going to unleash the full power of linux)

Posted By: sinetific

Re: Slackware - 01/26/05 07:14 AM

/me agrees with inf.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Slackware - 01/26/05 02:42 PM


And I'll explain more tomorrow when I'm less not low.
Posted By: Shinobi

Re: Slackware - 02/23/05 10:23 PM perg that was enlightening I knew there was a reason I liked you
Posted By: VIR3NT

Re: Slackware - 06/22/06 05:38 AM


I respect *BSD since it is a direct descendent of original Unix systems, but theres something about slack that just makes you feel good about your system smile
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