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Which Window manager?

Posted By: Ghost

Which Window manager? - 05/03/04 03:21 PM

Well ive been using FreeBSD for a while, with KDE, and have thought about trying another window manager. KDE is nice and all, but other window managers look a hell of a lot better in my opinion. So just post a window manager that you think would be good for me to try, and why. A screen shot would be cool too if you wanted to put one in.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Which Window manager? - 05/03/04 04:31 PM

I still like enlightenment, they came out with a duo i heard but never used it...
Posted By: Ntd

Re: Which Window manager? - 05/03/04 04:40 PM

i like enlightenment as well
pic at
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Which Window manager? - 05/03/04 05:26 PM

Oh yeh, that's what I'm talkin about...
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Which Window manager? - 05/03/04 11:32 PM

There's a group of Fbsd users in my class, and all of em swear by fluxbox. I use Gnome for simplicity's sake. I also like enlighenment though.
Posted By: UndeadBob

Re: Which Window manager? - 05/04/04 07:23 AM

i'm afraid to say infinite i like fluxbox alot. i always used to use gnome. the i discovered fluxbox. there is a lot less cluuter and i just find it easier to use.
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Which Window manager? - 05/08/04 05:53 AM

I tried fluxbox, and damn, i must say i love it. Like UndeadBob said, no clutter. right now my favorite window manager, but there are a lot more i would like to try.
Posted By: Gollum

Re: Which Window manager? - 05/08/04 11:03 PM

i use enlightenment as well and it's pretty good. the only problem i have with it are those stupid epplets and their multiple starting up ways. oh well. it's an easy fix, but it keeps coming back. i have a way to fix that too, but i haven't gotten around to it yet. lol. and then there are the dealios with the curser moving around after minimizing windows. is anyone else having that problem? anyway, i can't wait for DR-17 to come out. and oohhhh...just saw that a new version came out! well, that's my suggestion.//
Posted By: ?

Re: Which Window manager? - 05/09/04 10:54 AM

I used KDE when I first started wit linux. mostly because of ease of use. never like gnome, graphics turned me off for some reason. But now all I use is enlightenment. it's by far the best (for me). you can't beat the graphics, the multiple desktop display, no icons, no bars, plus i love some of the effects they have. I like the fact that you can strech one window out over 4 desktops and jus snap back and forth between it. bla bla, there's too many reasons why I like it.
Posted By: Wi1d

Re: Which Window manager? - 05/28/04 05:34 AM

I use to be into windowmaker but now I gotta say fluxbox all the way.
Posted By: VIR3NT

Re: Which Window manager? - 06/24/06 10:41 PM

fluxbox is the only way to go. enlightenment is okay, but theres just something about fluxbox that i like. I tried the xgl/compiz and liked the idea, but i missed fluxbox. i'd like to have (some of) the xgl/compiz features on fluxbox.
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