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Tips & Trix: Installing a new Theme

Posted By: Gremelin

Tips & Trix: Installing a new Theme - 08/24/03 07:46 AM

Yeh, I know it's pretty basic, but hey, we have newbs.

First, untar the theme (you wont always have to do this, all depends on your distro).
tar xzvf [theme].tar.gz

Second, tell your xwin manager to use the theme.
Gnome under RH: Red Hat > Preferances > Theme > Install Theme; Now locate the theme that you downloaded and click on install.

If it doesn't show the theme that you've downloaded try using the details option.
Posted By: Mojo

Re: Tips & Trix: Installing a new Theme - 08/25/03 05:04 PM

wow, you gotta think there is a solution so that you can use themes easier and on every wm you have.
wait, whats that, there is one! and yes, its freeeeeeeee too. at least my advice.
(i still wonder why i post here)

- go to
- search for wmtheme
- click on the first project & download it
- go to a console
- untar & unzip wmtheme
- read the README file

now you are ready to install easily themes on every wm.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Tips & Trix: Installing a new Theme - 08/25/03 07:24 PM

Ok, chances are 90% of the populous here isn't going to even understand your instructions let alone mine lol...

BTW, nice to see you still pop around...
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