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*nix World Expo NY

Posted By: hKzKnight

*nix World Expo NY - 01/29/03 04:04 AM

SO anyone get the pleasure to go there? I was there on the 23rd. IDG book company sponsors the expo. The sad part it wasn't as big as it use to be. Since the economy hasn't been doing so well Linux hasn't been so big and strong :+(. Not as many stands or free [censored]. Yet the big wigs of town there were IBM, Dell, Red Hat, sun, and AMD. AMD had some crazy [censored], their amazing servers flashing off on display an animated batman movie with sick graphics. Ximian, a Gnome distro has gotten much larger. They teamed up with some many computer designers working with linux to create the Red Carpet program they made. It allows a good stable system to admin servers, be secure, customizable and scalable software management solution that provides automated software dependency. Microsoft was at it again showing up there... They crated a program that has windows run unix apps or was it other way around, they also had other things that was kinda sad. Microsoft just hasn't learned that what they are doing for linux is worthless and sucks. A few other stands there, so any questions or interest on more info be glad to tell you.

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