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Posted By: HighLander

Slackware - 11/29/07 11:36 AM

So I never really dabbled to much in Linux, usually just ScoUnix for me at work, but I decided to finally install Slackware as a dual boot on my desktop, I'm liking it so far, anyone have any opinions on Slackware 12.0 ? I'm still trying to optimize it a bit, I see a lot of errors when I boot up the system but have not quite figured out how to view the information that appears during boot up after I'm logged in, any suggestions would be great.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Slackware - 11/29/07 11:55 AM

I'm more of a CentOS guy now myself, but I used to love slack wink... Though that was a long long time ago...
Posted By: Horus

Re: Slackware - 03/19/08 08:42 AM

I used slackware up until i think 8.1. It was the first distro that i really liked and used a lot. Now I use Gentoo, which I love..despite the fact that lots of people claim that it's a dying distro and it's portage is broken. i anyway, 'dmesg' is your friend. it just outputs the last several lines from i believe the system log located in /var/logs or something along those lines. lots of interesting boot information in there.//
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