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You may be telling yourself "I'm sure that the advertising does it's job"; but, unfortunately, the advertising only helps with a small sum of of our overall funding. Our advertising has never actually ended up with funding much of the site (or various services); in fact, most of the funding for this site has always come from the user base and private organizations via donations.

In the past, funding has gone towards Licensing, Server Maintenance and Hosting, Domain Renewals, Coding, Design and Development, and various site projects; all of which are provided to the users free of cost.

If 5k users donated just $5 each we'd end up with enough funding (5k * $5 = $2500) to keep this site going indefinitely, but unfortunately there are a lot of users who just like to idle around; not that we're saying that we don't want them, but there is a serious reality to how long any site can go without funding.

We ask that every user donate what they can to UGN Security to keep us going for a long future; we've been here since 1998 and we hope to be here for another 10, 25, even 50 years!



Posted on November 29th, 2015
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