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Changelog · Info

October 2015 - (Gizmo)

It's been a long long road, the CMS that powers the site has come quite a long way due to several of our network sites, and we're rolling the updates out now. Soon we will run an SSL only instance for user privacy and a load of SEO enhancements. v6

March 2010 - (Gizmo)

Another caching and SEO cleanup roll-out is being applied. Site Enters v5.

July 2008 - (Gizmo)

A code cleanup of the entire site is being rolled out; our first step at ensuring web standards and conformity. We've offloaded a ton of the table layout code and are working towards a tableless solution. Additionally several "not so secure" php script have been reworked. Site enters v4.5.

September 2005 - (Gizmo)

Re-code of entire site is being introduced this month; work is going smoothly and should be completed by the end of the month. Site enters v4.0.

2004 - (Gizmo) Code Cleanup

Various 2004 issues where targeted at cleaning up coding.

October 2003 - (Gizmo) Quick Links and new sections

An affiliate Quick Links bar has been added through a request of some of our affiliates. Additionally we've introduced several new sections of the site.

January 2003 - (Gizmo) PHP Mock-up

Our first go at a PHP mock-up for UGN is currently alive, in most regards... Site enters v3.5.

May 2002 - (Gizmo) Re-code.

A quick html mock-up has been added as a conversion from ASP; Gizmo also now owns UNDERGROUNDNEWS. UGN re-branded as UGN Security. Site enters 3.3

February 2001 - (BlackBeard) Frequency

Partnership with Frequency, now displaying information on main site! Also introduced IRC Chat Java Client.

January 2001 - (BlackBeard) Store

The store is hereby open!

August 2000 - (BlackBeard) Redesign

Official UGN theme released, top 5 files re-structured; complete site restructure. Site enters v3.0.

May 2000 - (BlackBeard) Non-Frames

Frames have been dropped and a slight redesign; using more blues than anything else (of coarse).

January 1999 - (BlackBeard) Top Bar...

We're running with a top bar on the frames. Also added news content to main page.

December 1998 - (BlackBeard) Mmmm, Java

Second go at a UGN design, including a java sidebar and straight html coding with a blue interface on a frames page. Site enters v2.0.

Pre December 1998 - (BlackBeard) Originality

UGN 1.0 sports a purple design and radical retroish design. UGN1.0
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 3rd, 2015
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