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BSD is the UNIX operating system derivative developed by Berkeley University.
Linux distributions for Gaming Consoles.
Unix-like computer operating systems based on the Linux kernel.
Linux distributions which are designed to run directly from a Removable Storage solution.
Operating Systems geared towards Netbooks and other micro devices.
Miscellaneous Operating Systems.
A penetration test is a method of evaluating the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack from a malicious source.
The general "Front End" of your *Nix system is a Window Manager, there are many options available to fit your style.
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The 20 Latest Distributions

Pentoo is a Linux Live CD designed for penetration testing and security assessment. Based on Gentoo and Enlightenment, Pentoo includes Nessus and Metasploit for penetration testing and security assess
Network Security Toolkit
NST is a bootable ISO live CD/DVD is based on Fedora. The toolkit was designed to provide easy access to best-of-breed Open Source Network Security Applications and should run on most x86 platforms. T
nUbuntu or Network Ubuntu is a project to take the existing Ubuntu operating system LiveCD and Full Installer and remaster it with tools needed for penetration testing servers and networks. The main i
Knoppix STD
STD is a Linux-based Security Tool. Actually, it is a collection of hundreds if not thousands of open source security tools. It's a Live Linux Distro, which means it runs from a bootable CD in memory
BackTrack is a Linux distribution distributed as a Live CD which resulted from the merger of WHAX and the Auditor Security Collection, which is used for Penetration testing. It allows the user to incl
GameCube Linux
Nintendo GameCube Linux is a project to port Linux to the Nintendo GameCube (and now the Wii) in the same manner as Xbox Linux. The GameCube was seen to be a less attractive system to port Linux to si
PlayStation 2 Linux
Linux for PlayStation 2 (or PS2 Linux) is a kit released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2002 that allows the PlayStation 2 console to be used as a personal computer. It included a Linux-based opera
Free60 is the successor to the Xbox Linux Project that aims to put Linux, BSD, or Darwin on the Microsoft Xbox 360 using a software or hardware based hack. The Xbox 360 uses hardware encryption and wi
Xbox Linux
Xbox Linux is a project that ported the Linux operating system to the Microsoft Xbox video game console. Because the Xbox uses a digital signature system to prevent the public from running unsigned co
XBMC Media Center (formerly named XBox Media Center) is a cross-platform free and open source software media-player and entertainment hub with a 10-foot user interface design for the living-room TV. I
Sabayon Linux
Sabayon Linux or SabayonLinux, (formerly known as RR4 Linux/RR64 Linux), is a Gentoo-based Linux distribution created by Fabio Erculiani. Sabayon Linux differs from Gentoo in that instead of installin
Sabayon Linux
Sabayon Linux or SabayonLinux, (formerly known as RR4 Linux/RR64 Linux), is a Gentoo-based Linux distribution created by Fabio Erculiani. Sabayon Linux differs from Gentoo in that instead of installin
Puppy Linux
Puppy Linux is a Live CD Linux distribution that is very small and focuses on ease of use. If the computer has at least 64 MB of RAM (depending on the version, up to at least 256 MB of RAM), the entir
NimbleX is a small Slackware-based Linux distribution optimized to run from a CD, USB drive or a network environment. NimbleX has been praised for how fast it boots, as well as for its small disk foot
Elive (Enlightenment live) is a Linux distribution based on Debian for legacy and commodity hardware with Intel processors. Elive uses the Enlightenment X window manager instead of GNOME or KDE. Elive
Feather Linux
Feather Linux, created by Robert Sullivan, is a Knoppix-based operating system which fits in under 128 MB (while older versions were made to fit within 64 MB). It boots from either a CD or a USB Flash
GeeXboX is a free Linux distribution providing a media center software suite for personal computers. GeeXboX uses MPlayer for media playback and is implemented as a Live CD. As such, the system does n
FreeBSD is a Unix-like free operating system descended from ATT UNIX via the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) branch through the 386BSD and 4.4BSD operating systems. It runs on Intel x86 family (I
Linux Mint
Linux Mint is an operating system for personal computers. While Mint is mostly based on (and compatible with) Ubuntu, the design of the user interface differs. Design differences include: * A distinct
openSUSE is a general purpose operating system built on top of the Linux kernel, developed by the community-supported openSUSE Project and sponsored by Novell. After acquiring SUSE Linux in January 20
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