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Ubuntu Mobile

Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device Edition is an Ubuntu distribution planned to run on the Intel Mobile Internet Device platform, which will be x86 mobile computers based on the Intel Atom processor.

It will use the GNOME framework Hildon as the basis for its GUI.

Equipment producers will be able to customize their distributions, including options such as Flash, Java, or custom interfaces.

According to Canonical, it will provide "an uncompromised Web 2.0 experience: Web browsing, email, media, camera, VoIP, instant messaging, GPS, blogging, digital TV, games, contacts, dates/calendar, simple software updates..." Ubuntu Mobile Edition will be usable with only a touchscreen and a finger. No keyboard or stylus will be required.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix is based on Ubuntu Mobile Edition and is designed specifically for netbooks.

Website: Ubuntu Mobile
Posted on May 31st, 2014
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