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Moblin, short for mobile Linux, is an open source project focused on developing software for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) and other new categories of devices such as netbooks and nettops. Built around the Intel Atom processor, current builds are designed to minimize boot times and power consumption to create a netbook and MID-centric operating system. Commercial products built around Moblin 2 include a Foxconn netbook and an InvenTech smartphone, both announced at Computex 2009. Acer has also announced the replacement of Linpus Linux with Moblin on their Acer Aspire netbooks.

Intel launched the site in July 2007 and significantly updated the site in April 2008 with the launch of the Intel Atom processor family at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai. A custom SDK is also available on the site. The Moblin 2 OS was specifically designed to run on an Intel Atom processor in a netbook. In April 2009 Intel turned Moblin over to the Linux Foundation. Development is now overseen by the Moblin Steering Committee, currently consisting of Imad Sousou, Arjan van de Ven, Matthew Allum, and Rusty Lynch. Barring Matthew Allum, founder of Intel's recently acquired OpenedHand, all committee members are Intel employees.

Major Components
* Moblin Image Creator (MIC): allows developers to create a custom Linux file system for a device. Using MIC, a platform developer can choose which components from Moblin they want on their device, build the target file system, copy all the necessary files to a USB mass storage device and load the resulting files onto the target.
* Kernel: platform-specific patches to the Linux kernel and various other device drivers.
* UI Framework: screen interface and its underlying GTK-based framework, which uses the Hildon application framework.
* Power Management Policy: extending and enhancing existing Linux power management capabilities
* Browser: the Moblin browser is full-featured web browser based on Mozilla technologies with a finger-driven UI and MID UI integration. The Moblin browser supports key plug-ins like Adobe Flash.
* Multimedia: audio and video playback and photo viewing including Helix or GStreamer multimedia frameworks with UPNP support through the GUPnP library.
* Linux Connection Manager: Internet connections that can be extended through plug-ins to support various wired or wireless technologies.

Website: Moblin
Posted on May 31st, 2014
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