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Super OS

Super OS (formerly: Super Ubuntu) is a Linux-based operating system. It is a remastered version of Ubuntu made with reconstructor. It's main goal is to provide an "Out of the Box" experience, containing various enhancements over Ubuntu.

* First Linux distro to include an easy way to run executable files and scripts (with App Runner)
* Multimedia support: Super OS is prepackaged with support for MP3 files and video-DVDs by default, it also includes additional codecs, and VLC media player
* Support for Microsoft Office 2007 file formats with 3.0.1
* Improved Internet experience: It includes an additional web browser (Opera), Adobe Flash Player, more communication software (aMSN and Skype)
* Additional software: It also includes, Wine, the GUI for Uncomplicated Firewall, and other software.
* App Runner is a script included in Super OS that allows any kind of executable or script to be launched without having to use the command line. App Runner was also subject of an article by Lifehacker, saying "App Runner would come in handy" and "there's plenty of scripts and closed-source apps that this would be useful for".

Super OS has been received mainly with positive reviews, with softpedia saying "it is a distribution with super powers [due to] the inclusion of applications, tools and technologies that are missing from a standard Ubuntu".

Super OS (still with the name Super Ubuntu at the time), was also Lifehacker's featured download saying "It's basically just a re-compiled version of the official Ubuntu distribution, but with a whole bunch of features included that save you the time of grabbing them yourself".

Super OS is also the OS that the Helios project (a non-profit organization to give away computers to children without the money to buy them) pre-loads on most of the computers they give away.

Website: Super OS
Posted on May 31st, 2014
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