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GtkTerm is a serial port terminal written in GTK+. It is a clone of the famous Hyperterminal. The port can be set up, and the control signal can be toggled. It also supports file transfers and an hexadecimal view of the data.

* Serial port terminal window
* Serial port setup (speed, parity, bits, stopbits, flow control)
* Using the termios API
* Possible to send a file (only RAW data, no protocol)
* Possible to save data (RAW also)
* End of line delay while sending a file
* Special character wait before next line while sending a file
* Possible to toggle control lines manually (DTR, CTS) and send breaks
* Also reads the state of control lines (RTS, CD, DSR, RI)
* Hexadecimal view
* Possible to send raw hexadecimal chars
* Possible to define macros (keyboard shortcuts)
Posted on May 31st, 2014


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