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thin liquid film

thin liquid film (TLF) is an application which allows linux users to quickly and easily convert video files into a format suitable for playing on the video capable ipods. I wrote this application, after purchasing a video ipod, and being frustrated that the only real option for converting video was either via command-line, or via a servicemenu with no ability to configure the resulting video file. TLF uses the ffmpeg engine to do the encoding. It is written in pyqt, so it should work with a default kde installation, and is very easy to install.

* Batch process any number of files;
* Display detailed information about source video files;
* Change output settings for one or many files;
* Save default settings for future sessions;
* Configure output quality settings;
* Choose between mpeg4 and h264 as output codec;
* Choose between 320 and 640 output video width, while maintaining aspect ratio;
* Choose between 1 or 2 pass encoding;
* Show a preview the encoded video;
* Progress bar to show encoding progress;
* Add pre-encoded files for transfer to the ipod;
* Uses ffmpeg as the encoding engine;
* Upload encoded files to your ipod directly;
* Set file information for upload to your ipod;
* Add files to existing or new video playlists on your ipod;
* Add files for encoding via the included servicemenu;
Posted on May 31st, 2014


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