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The 20 Latest Video Entries

Linux Video Editing Software - What an Open Source Sony Vegas Looks Like
It's easy to learn the basics of video editing, especially in Linux! This software is based on the FFMPEG and MLT frameworks so it can handle almost any video file format you throw at it. This quick t
The Power of the Linux Find Command
Unfortunately in Linux, certainly Ubuntu, the default GUI file search is not always useful. With just a small amount of patience you can find files quickly and easily using the command line, and your
Installing Themes in Linux
This guide works for the gnome desktop manager (used by Ubuntu and other Linux distributions). First we go to Gnome-looks. This is a large collection of themes and other artwork that can be used to ma
Compiz Cube Tutorial: Howto Ubuntu Linux
Let's enable the desktop cube in Compiz, this tutorial will show you how: From CCSM under Desktop click to enable Desktop Cube (and then disable Desktop Wall), and enable Rotate Cube. Under Effects en
StarCraft + Touchscreen on linux with wine
OS: Gentoo Linux. PC: p4, 1.8mhz, 256mb, 40gb(hd). Monitor: waytec 15''. Video: Nvidia 64mb. TouchScreen Device: penmount usb 8-wire. Touchscreen opensource drive for linux: evtouch Graphic system: xo
Multiple (6) Monitors in Ubuntu Linux with KDE and Compiz Fusion
This is the first of many videos to come on this setup! I've been busy working on a way to get multiple monitors to work using multiple graphics cards under the latest versions of Ubuntu. I had been t
Compiz Fusion Tutorial - Howto Increase Desktop Functionality with Ubuntu
Last week I showed you how to turn on some neat desktop animations using Compiz Fusion (formally beryl). Today I will show you some of the useful productivity enhancements that Compiz has to offer, su
Top 5 Ways to Help Linux Virgins Make the Switch
5. Increased Support Teams for Windows Users 4. Having it Just Work without Complication 3. Beef Up Development of Distributions of Windows Look Feel 2. Assimilate Windows Users with Focused Help Gui
Reinstalling GRUB
When you power on your computer, the first software that runs is a bootloader that invokes the computer's OS. phpGRUB, the GRand Unified Bootloader, is an integral part of many Linux systems. Most Lin
How to Cure a Windows Virus with Ubuntu Linux
Do you suspect your Windows machine is infected? Before dropping cash on anti-virus software, check out this quick tutorial that will help get rid of the spyware and viruses in your PC. It's easier th
Learn How to Install Ubuntu Linux in 5 Minutes
A Tutorial: Ubuntu Linux is a completely free open-source operating system that has many useful features and abilities, and this guide will show you how to try this new OS without harming your Windows
Ubuntu Linux Tutorial - Multimedia, Codecs, Medibuntu!
Just installed Ubuntu and can't see videos? This is a quick tutorial to help you install multimedia codecs and non-open source components, such as flash player and more.
Converting Videos Howto - FFMPEG
This video tutorial will explain how to losslessly convert any video file format, including quicktime .mov, flash .flv files, open source .ogv, .mp4, .wmv, .asf and more. I show you how to install ffm
Howto Rip a DVD - Easy and Free with Linux
So, you have a nice shiny DVD with your favorite movie, and your dog chews it to pieces. If only you had ripped that movie to a file that you could burn to a new DVD, or play on your favorite media pl
Compiz Fusion on Your Desktop : Howto Ubuntu
Ever wondered how to make your Ubuntu desktop more spiffy? It's easy when you enable the desktop effects through Compiz Fusion, and I made a quick tutorial will to show you how. If you don't know, Com
Setting up File Sharing Between Windows, Linux, and Macs with Samba!
This tutorial will show you how to use Samba to share a directory on your Linux machine across your network, accessible by Windows, Linux, and Mac machines. The process takes less than five minutes, a
The Origins of Linux - Linus Torvalds
Linus Torvalds, the creator of the operating system phenomenon Linux, tells the story of how he went from writing code as a graduate student in Helsinki in the early 1990s to becoming an icon for open
Linux Pronunciation
Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux Kernel, explains how the word should be pronounced (Taken from Revolution OS).
Windows vs Mac And Linux.
A parody of the Apple Mac vs. PC advertisements by Novell.
"Great People" trick on Civilization Revolut'n
This should save you a ton of time when it comes to getting the here's looking at you kid achievement in Civilization : Revolution. I was fed up after two days of trying to get them normally, and came
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