Many of you will come here asking how to hack into a system, use a trojan, nuke someone etc. There is that type of malicious hacking, which has seemed to unfortunately take a hold of youths recently. I have a challenge for you. Its a different type of hacker. Learn to create. Think of the software you use, and how popular some of it is. You could create something like that. Better yet, you could take those many pieces of software that you have ideas for features, and add those features YOURSELVES. Think of the last person to hack his friend, break into e-mail, deface a website, etc. They maybe got an article on some obscure website about it, or maybe even a nice jail term. Its pointless. The rewards for being a "white hat" are far greater.

Ex. Google for "Kevin Mitnick" (whom was largely a grey hat that had an ability to social engineer) and you will see ~60,000 hits. He is currently in debt and spent a few years in jail. Now look for "Linus Torvalds", a well respected hacker, creator of Linux, a revolutionary, w/o a jail term or debt. He gets ~800,000 hits. Not only will people respect you, but when you actually mature later on, you can look at what you have been doing/learning since day one, and hold a high respect for yourselves.

This is a different type of hacker. The type of hacker that I am no where near... yet. The type of hacker that contributes and creates to a community. Encouraging information insemination, open source alternative, and pushing new possibilities.


To be something, you must first understand what that 'something' is....
How To Be A Hacker | The Cathedral and the Bazaar | What is Open Source?

To become one with it, you must surround yourself with it....
Choose: Linux Distros | DistroWatch or Create: Linux From Scratch | CoreDistro
Understand: HowTo Install | Linux Doc Project | Linux Questions | Rute User Tutorial and Exposition

To find your way, you must choose which path you feel is choosing you.
Create: How To Be A Programmer

To reach enlightenment, you must find the paths by looking within yourself.
Locate it: Google Hacks | Howto Search | Howto Ask


I did this to give people an overview of some choices they may not have been aware of. I only wanted to provide you with enough knowledge to get started and be well prepared on your journey. I will attempt to include more initial paths, as I stumble upon them.I tried to not advocate a single choice/technology. Find something, maybe off the beaten path, and embrace it. The rest is up to you.