I think that people seem to have this misconception about what Hacking really is. In it's Media label it is someone who is 'evil' and malicious. But if you look at the actual definition, it is "an enthusiastic and skillful computer programmer and user. a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data." Now lets look at the definition of a "Cracker", it is one who gains illegal access to a computer with the intent of doing malice. It was made to make a distinction in what the Hacker does and what others who deface the name "Hacker" do. Unfortunately the media would have a tough time using Cracker because people are dumb and would think it was a racial slur or something.
So get it strait all you "I am hacker." people who download some app from the net, which btw is probably full of backdoors, you are not a hacker if all you want to do is malice, doom and destruction to the net. Those of us who want to make life better, we are the hackers.
And for gods sakes, learn how to code, wait better yet don't, that way i will have little competition in the job market :-)
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