Hi, I am a fairly old member of this board who never posts; however, after talking to Gizmo about low site traffic, I decided to read through a few posts and perhaps respond to something.

Littleman, I have read a few of your posts and want to make the following suggestion. Stop trying to learn about computers right now and buy a book on basic English grammar. While this may seem like merely an insult, I assure you that it is sound advice if you are to progress in your learning (in the realm of computer science or anything else). To learn about the various topics you have posted questions about requires a copious amount of very technical reading. Further, to discuss such topics with others will require the ability to clearly relate that highly technical material.

More importantly, the study of language will arm you with a broader set of the analytical tools that are needed to develop any real creative programming skill. Language, like programming, requires a acute understanding of both syntax and context. Beyond language, you may want to study math. I am going to make an assumption that your High School has failed you and that your math skills are somewhat on par with your language skills. I will not explain why math is important because it ought to be self-evident.

I am not sure if they still are here, but you may want to search for some of my very old posts (those around or before 2000 or so). You will see that in the days in which I wrote poorly I also knew absolutely nothing about computers. This correlation is not a coincidence. Trust me.

If you would like recommendations for things to read feel free to drop in IRC and ask me. Further, if you do end up learning perl (as I believe was suggested to you in another thread) I would be more than willing to answer questions concerning problems you may run into.