I would take a look at the files in the recycle bin in the raw. I have Win2k, so keep that in mind if things aren't the same for you.

# Open up the command prompt, do what I type #

dir /a

# At this point you may see a very long folder #
# name, use the shorthand in order to cd into it #
# dir /a looks at ALL the files in the folder #
# To make this default, enter the following: #
# set DIRCMD=/a #

cd S-1-5-~1
dir /a
notepad desktop.ini
notepad INFO2

# In my empty recycle bin, I have 2 files #
# desktop.ini is in quite a few folders and may #
# not be useful to you - and didn't look special #
# to me. INFO2 however had some UNICODE strings #
# that was very interesting - perhaps some trash #
# left over from previously deleted files - looks#
# like it to me. You may try moving this file #
# somewhere else and see if that solves your #
# problem. For SURE, if there's any other files #
# move them as well. #

attrib -H INFO2
move INFO2 C:\

I noticed that after I did this. a new emtpy INFO2 file was immediately created. Then I deleted something and it didn't show in the recycle bin. do another "DIR" command and you'll see it in there. I simply moved it back out via the command-line and put my original INFO2 back into the folder to fix it. You may have to grab a INFO2 file from another computer to fix your recycle bin. OR, all you have to do is delete any extra files in that folder.

Tell me how things go.

(oh yeah, attrib is a program which changes file attributes. attrib -H and attrib -S and attrib -S -H are all useful implementations of this utility. I had to remove INFO2's hidden attribute before I could move it.)
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