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I do think they should be remembered and honored. What I don't like, is the people taking advantage of it. Or the people that only care because it got so much attention.
This is excatly wat europeans do think. The fact is that this is a sad thing that has happend in the history of the human beeing. Too bad this has happend. But what Cold Sun has said, is true, it's so sad people do take advantage of it. It's just to cry. I'll give you one name of the people taking advantage of it. It's the AMERICAN GOVERNEMENT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF IT. It's so sad to see. They just play the victim, altough they are the cEven american people don't see it. They (the governement) just use those attacks to sharpen some laws and those selfish thoughts of how the US should rule the world. The American governement is so selfish they don't think about the rest of the world. (if you want examples, just ask, i'll give hundreds of them).

The americans have done some great things in history (the normandian invasion etc, i'm very greatfull for that (altough that was also of a selfish cause), but that's a looooooong time ago.

As long as the US governememnt is trying to control the world, i don't blame so called terrorists to attack the USA. This all has happend cause the USA has asked for it. As long as the USA governemt is trying to control the world, this shit will happen. the american people is even too stupid to see this.

this is the view of an european mind? People from the us won't like it, but it's the truth, i didn't want to say it at first sply cause they can't handle it.

If you feel to flame me, go ahead, i don't care; If you do, this is just another proove that in the us you aren't allowed to say whatever you want.

Greets Predator.

Greetz to the fucking idiotic bush governement (who think they control the world) and all the idiots in america (i didn't say all the people from the US are stupid, but 99,99% is), who do say the us goverment is right.

As long as they (the us governement, this shit will happen)are acting so shitty, but i don't give a shit, too bad for all those innocent american victims...
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